What is Homeopathy ‘The e-book’

By Martine Robertson
Homeopath/Mentor/Vibration Raiser

‘Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently.’
Mahatma Gandhi

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine, designated low risk by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines. It is important to be both assessed and examined by your health care provider and specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies. The information offered in this eBook does not constitute medical advice but is information only. If in doubt as to the appropriateness of a suggestion or treatment, please seek the advice of your homeopath or health care provider. Always read the information provided, use only as directed and if symptoms arise or persist, contact your health provider.
1. Introduction…………………………………………………………………………3
2. The History………………………………………………………………………….4
3. Let’s Talk Potency…………………………………………………………………..5
4. Environmentally Sustainable and Friendly………………………………………..6
5. The Onion Layers……………………………………………………………………6
6. Keeping you on Track……………………………………………………………….7
7. Key in a Lock…………………………………………………………………………7
8. The Simillimum………………………………………………………………………8
9. What are remedies made from precisely?…………………………………………………8
10. How are they made?……………………………………………………………………………9
11. Dosing…………………………………………………………………………………9
12. So why did homeopathy disappear? Why is it not common in Australia? Why is it not used more in general if it’s so fandangly amazing?…………………………..10

I started to read about homeopathy 18 years ago, started studying it 17 years ago and have been in clinic for 12 years and to this day, homeopathy continues to intrigue me. So, I can empathise with you all when you come and connect with me, we commence work, you see results and sit there perplexed as to how two tiny white sugar balls managed to do what you think they just may have done……made you better! Inconceivable!
People find me a myriad of ways.
1. My practice is built on word of mouth entirely, I have never advertised a day in my life. There is clue number one: people see that it works, I can’t bluff my way through that one!
2. People contact me because they have seen rapid and lasting changes in their friend and when asked about it, my name appears.
3. I am sent the classic ‘Kid Guinea Pig’: mums you know who you are. You may have thought you looked after yourself before you had kids but then out one pops and you don’t want a single chemical to touch its pure existence! Not even a non-organic band aid gets in. So, then your child’s colds disappear in hours not days, they often are exposed to snotty rug rats and don’t get sick and they go from screaming banshees to calm yet vibrant personalities and you begin to think there is something in this.
4. Phase two of the ‘Kid Guinea Pig’ rolls in when I start to explain that often our kid’s behaviours reflect our own suppressions or weirdo belief structures. That ultimately, they are the reflection of all your patterns materialised. When this bombshell mic gets dropped, you look at the red chair your child sits in and decide it is time for you too to sit there in self-discovery.
5. ‘The husbands.’ I often say it takes a good girl’s night out and about 6 months for the husbands to see the action of homeopathy (That said, I have had plenty of men find me without any prompting). So the mum leaves dad for a girl trip away, the minis get sick and so mum gets her phone homeopathic skills on and advises dad what to give. Minis get better fast and dad sits there blinking widely. Let this happen a few more times and voila, 6 months later you have a converted husband sitting on the red chair.
6. Now we also have the soul seekers, the proactive awesome people who understand that health is a way of life and that healing is a work in progress that requires many different tools in the tool box. These souls are my favourite, I adore the work we do together and they are well versed on me laughing at the very things that are stopping them from living up to their full potential. When we can see the truth, the lightness shines and laughter and joy inevitably follow.
So, you can see that there is no one way to find yourself in a homeopathic clinic and the homeopathics play a role in returning both the physical and emotional/mental/spiritual bodies back into homeostasis but for now, let’s take a journey to helping you get your head around homeopathy.
The history
In short, homeopathy was created by 1796 by a German Physician named Samual Hahnemann. When in France, we homeopathics like to visit the gravesite of our founder alongside enjoying the other national monuments.
In scripted upon his monument:
Hahnemann’s life mission was to find a way to heal not harm. He even stopped practicing medicine for a while as he found using the current methods and medicines of his day did more harm than good. Alas, he came back after having kids (like we all do) and knowing he needed to find a way to help humanity as opposed to turn his back on helping at all.
His founding principal of healing is ‘Do no Harm’
That’s when he started mucking around with medicines. Firstly, he started trying to use medicines in the way they bought out symptoms – so if a substance taken by a healthy person produced a fever, he would use it to treat a fever. One of our well-known remedies name apis is a great example of this. Apis is derived from the honey bee, and if you have been stung by a bee before, you know they sting, smart, swell and become red and almost oedemas at the sight. Not only is this one of our favourite bee sting remedies, but it’s also a great burn remedy as you can see burns also sting, smart, become red, inflamed and oedemas.
This epitomised number 2 of 3 of his principals which we live by today: ‘Likes cures likes’.
Once Hahneman discovered this new way of looking at what we use to heal, he was still not impressed with the crude nature of how we used them and found that harsh on the body still. Another great example of this is when you drink coffee, we all know it’s a fine line between having just the right amount of coffee and the amount that turns us into a hyperactive crazy person that talks a million miles an hour and wants to conquer the world!
Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with conquering the world, but you have probably noticed two glitches to the whole ‘coffee drinking thing’:
1. It’s addictive – you cease to get yourself that pumped naturally
2. It messes with important chi factors or in lemans terms – it f**ks your adrenals
This is what we call in homeopathy ‘being poisoned’ by something – dramatic I know.
Hence why Hahnemann was against the whole ‘crude’ thing. So, what did he do? He started diluting the substances. Many herbalists love this practice even today and decide to ‘drop dose’ instead of use big doses. Hahnemann however, found that they were less toxic but less effective.
But how did he do the other thing we know homeopathics are but have no idea what it is: Potentise? Yes, this is the part that changes the medicine from something we can understand to something that becomes so energetic, it works on the entire vital force – body, mind and spirit?
Well. To continue, we were also still in the day of horse and carriage and Hahnemann, like many physicians of the time, made house calls. Somewhere along the way, Hahnemann discovered that the diluted and weakened medicines would work better when he had journey far with them. He put it down to the constant ‘trituration’ they received by the bouncing the carriage did when journeying through the countryside. This sparked the next part of his journey into ‘potentisation’ and thus the discovery of the funny little numbers you see on the side of each vial I give you – 6c, 30c, 200c, 1M, 10M, 50M, MM!
Let’s talk Potency
You walk out with these remedies in your hot little hands having to just ‘trust’ that I know what I am doing…..and I love you for that but let’s shed some more light on that (bear with me the first part is intense):
There are two common scales we find homeopathics:
– X or Decimal – C or Centesimal
Diluted 1 part to 9 Diluted 1 part to 99
X’s you will see on the side of Tissue salt bottles, like the infamous Schussler tissue salts,Dr Wilheim Heinrich Schuessler was a physician in the late 19th century who developed the 12 inorganic minerals that we use today based on his studies in homeopathy. They are still classified as ‘crude substance however as you can still obtain a clear reading of the substance used iunder the microscope. To explain this I need to get a little nerdier and explain Avogadro’s number:
• N A = (6.0221415 ± 0.0000010) × 1023
– In X potencies this equates to 24X
– In C potencies this equates to 12C
• This simply means that:
– Any remedy which is less than a 24X or 12C (i.e. 6X or 6C) will have molecules of the original substance within the remedy
– Any remedy which is more than a 24X or 12C (i.e. 30X or 30C) will not have any of the crude substance within the remedy
Today, Nano Technology is giving homeopathy a new light as under this methodology of extracting substance, we can see that the potencies that until now have claimed to not have any visible molecules, actually do.
In our century, Dr Emoto and his studies of ‘water consciousness’ also help us understand that water holds memory. Therefore, the highly diluted substances we use, contain those memories. If you haven’t heard of his work before, please research him, you will be utterly touched for life.
So, to make a 30c (the common first aid remedy potency), 1 drop of the crude liquid (also known as the mother tincture) is added to 99 parts of alcohol (traditionally brandy) and filtered water (1 part brandy to 20 parts water)and shaken (succussed vigorously), which used to be done on a hard cover book for. That there makes a 1C so you have to then hit repeat on that for 29 more bottles. Can I just say, I have done this by hand and have decided that I value and love the dispensaries that orchestrate this for me and am forever grateful I can ‘order’ my homeopathics from all the dispensaries around the world.
Environmentally sustainable and friendly
On that note, I also love that homeopathics are Environmentally friendly. Substances are made into a mother tincture and used over and over again to make our dispensary remedies, it takes years to go through the mother tinctures and often the substances used are extracted in environmentally sound ways only using minute amounts to make the mother tincture.
Mother Tinctures are best explained through the way that bach flowers are made. Edward Bach was born in 1886 and was a physician who became influenced by homeopathy. He ended up leaving medicine for the same reason Hahnemann did, looking for more Humane ways of treating health. He went on to develop the 38 Flower essences we use commonly today however also added to the homeopathic dispensary through his development of ‘Bowel nosodes’. This was a development stemmed from his work on vaccines. These nosodes are such an important part of my clinic for aiding in the chronic inflammation of our digestive tracts, detoxing the liver pathways and realigning the gut. You will be familiar with ‘Morgan Pure’ or ‘Morgan Gaertner’, if you have been with me a while, inevitably we all end up with the need for one at some point during the clearing of the layers.
The Onion Layers
Constantine Hering, an American homeopath of the 1800s stated:
‘Cure proceeds from top to bottom, from inside out, from most important organs to least important organs, from the most recent symptoms to the oldest symptoms’
You weave a perfect web of onions layers. Each layer stems from a mash up of genes, experiences, environmental exposures, karmic lessons and personality to name a few. I believe we have taken lifetimes to get to where we are and the choices and life experiences, we find ourselves both presented and searching for.
To ‘cure’ this in one direct hit would send most of us into existential crisis. I will always remember one of my first prescriptions made in my College clinic to a patient. I saw her remedy crystal clear, in everything she spoke, every ailment, every mannerism. I gave it and a few days later received a phone call of, let’s call it ‘projection’ blaming me for turning her life upside-down. In the 2 days since we connected, she had left her partner, moved out and resigned from her job only to come to the realisation of the enormity behind the decisions she had made. I called this ‘A massive awakening’ and although there are times in our lives for ‘rapid and massive action’, it is still important for us to support ourselves through these changes. I knew then that my prescriptions needed to match where my client was at, not where I saw the truth and potential. The remedy worked because is was what was known as ‘bulls’ eye’ remedy however, she was not ready for such a massive shake up and not receiving the kind of support that was required to sustain it. I too, was a ‘youthful’ homeopath, who had not learnt the art of walking beside my client yet. Big lessons for all and one that I now honour truly in my practice.
So the onion layers are what I call the journey we go on to both self-empower you by peeling back what keeps you from your highest potential on all facets – physically to spiritually. The homeopathics are one of the tools to help peel these layers off.
Keeping you on track
I often describe the essence of being on a homeopathic, like being magnetised to your own personal truth, when you begin to steer off path again, the remedy reminds your being what is real. Its beautifully subtle and I love this because you don’t even realise you are being guided but you simultaneously become crystal clear of the patterning and blockages that get in your way whether its negative thoughts or the feeling you are not good enough.
There are known remedy potencies, 50M’s that take us back the to very time of conception for healing.
Key in a lock
What just is the action of a homeopathic? Well, we talked about using remedies that follow the principal of ‘likes cures likes’, but what does that mean for prescribing?
Well as you know, I have thousands of remedies in my clinic, how on earth do I find the one for you?
Well first of all, there are two main ways of prescribing:
1. Acutely – this is where you have an acute ailment like a headache, broken bone, acute anxiety or cold. I take the acute symptoms you are feeling through understanding the modalities:
a. Where is it felt – top of head, back of head, temples?
i. Does it move or extend to any other places? Neck, shoulder, eye
b. What does it feel like? Pounding, stabbing, dull?
c. What was the onset? Blow to the head, woke up this way, fight with partner, not drinking any water that day?
d. How are you feeling? Irritable, sooky, stuck in my job?
e. What makes it feel better or worse? Cold pack, heat pack, hot shower, lying down, drinking lemon water?
f. How intense is it – scale it 1-10
From there I can narrow down a good acute remedy and how often to take it. A good rule of thumb in homeopathic when it comes to acute prescribing is that we match the intensity of the symptoms with the dosing. Therefore, if you have a teething kid, you are dosing per whinge or cry or green stool or vigorous biting down on everything and anything. I win a lot of mums over with teething help and ear aches. You will be guaranteed shock when you see the right homeopathic work
2. Constitutionally
The Simillimum
This is our fancy word for the right remedy. The one that paints the picture you are presenting with. The good news is, if I don’t hit the bulls eye, a similar remedy or remedy that contains many of the symptoms you are presenting had a good ability to work. Homeopathics have a good ‘scope of practice’, this is extra true of what is know as ‘the polycrests’ of our remedies.
To breakdown remedy structure, we have:
1. The big wigs: these are our miasmatic remedies, the ones that blast the onion layers. We are known to trend towards 1 or 2 of these in our constitution, much like we are born a star sign or a Ayurvedic constitution.
2. Then we have the polycrests, well known remedies that have an ability to act is so many ways like aconite is great for shock and panic as well as a clear runny nose as well as a dry cough as well as vomiting with sweat as well as rheumatic inflamed joints to name a few.
3. Then we have the peculiar remedies, the ones that are more specific in both their action and means of prescribing
What are remedies made from precisely?
Our remedies are made from plants, herbs, minerals and animals as well as other substances like various mammal milks, etheric substances, tissue etc
Sounds a bit ominous I know! Back in the day of Hahnemann, we only had about 200 or so substances to choose from. Some of these are mercury (mineral), opium (we all know what this is), arsenic (aresenicum which is a mineral), arnica (flower), pulstatilla (flower), belladonna (flower), sea sponge (spongia), oyster shell (calc carb), Camphor (wood), Gold (aurum) and many more.
These were substances that were either already being used in medicine at the time or substances found naturally that were experimented with because of their known toxicity.
It is important to remember here that homeopathics are extremely diluted and up until the more recent discovery of ‘Nano Particles’, it was difficult to register any crude form of the substance within the remedies, hence why they became so heavily scrutinised.
What these substances produce, when taken, by a healthy person, is how we determine their use.
Arsenic is a great example, we know that arsenic poisoning produces great gastric disturbances such as diarrhoea and vomiting, the symptoms are burning and create a deep anxiety and fear within the person. Boom! There you go, this is one of our greatest gastro remedies. I have used this to great success both personally and in the clinic and people remark just how quickly they get over these gastro symptoms.
Aurum interestingly enough, is one of our greatest depression remedies, how interesting that this is such a sought-after metal and how additionally interesting is it that many of us ‘wear’ it every day! Are we proving it? Diamond is also one of our depression remedies!
How are they made?
So, once we have our substance, we then have to make it into a homeopathic. You already read the chapter on ‘potency’, lets fill the gap in from the crude substance to the time we potentise it.
1. We get a substance – let’s take the honey bee (our substances are often collected shortly after their natural death and used, again, proving homeopathics are both environmentally sound and cruelty free)
2. We soak it in an alcohol solution for 24-48 hours until it becomes a ‘mother tincture’.
3. Then, as we discussed earlier, One part of this tincture is added to 99 parts of alcohol and succussed (shaken). This yields a 1C potency (one part per hundred).
The honey bee is known as ‘Apis’ in our Materia medica and is our greatest ‘acute allergic response’ remedy. I have directly seen ambulances called for anaphylactic shock and meanwhile dosed on apis only to be fine by the time the ambulance arrived. How good it that!
Is also a big question of confusion for most. Dosing is obviously different when prescribing acutely or constitutionally. Acute prescribing’s rule of thumb also depends on the issue but it is generally ‘matching the intensity of the symptoms with the dosing’.
A good way to further explain this is in the use of Belladonna for fevers. Some fevers creep up slowly, others are intense and quick. The slow fever, we may dose once every few hours, the acute fever we may go as often as every 5 minutes.
The idea of the dosing is to ‘ignite’ the immune response, not ‘prove’ the remedy. What I mean by this is that homeopathic prescription is so different to prescribing herbs, supplements, pharmaceutical drugs etc because they often target the causation of the issue and go to support it, reduce the inflammation or help the organ in some way etc. The homeopathics sole job is to ignite YOUR own immune response, which just happens to be done on a physical, emotional and mental sphere, not simply physical.
So in the case of our fever, we have to dose frequently if the virus or infection is taking over the body rapidly so that we can keep ‘prodding’ the body to respond.
Homeopathics are just like a persistent child – they will ask every opportunity they are given to get the desired outcome. The CORRECTLY prescribed homeopathic is like your bodies best friend, it has its back so much it nags you until you respond. YAY!
So why did homeopathy disappear? Why is it not common in Australia? Why is it not used more in general if it’s so fandangly amazing?
Well fun fact, homeopathy has been for many years and continues to be the SECOND MOST USED MEDICINE on the planet! Is that making you feel a wee bit sheltered down here in oz?
In fact, Australia’s last homeopathic hospital shut its doors in 1945. Homeopthics were widely used and very popular until pharmaceuticals became all the buzz in the early 1900s. Pharmaceuticals became ‘fashionable’ and through of as ‘high society’.
Other countries however use homeopathics much more. Over 200 million people use homeopathy on a world wide basis and Homeopathy is included in the national health systems of a number of countries e.g. Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Switzerland (hri- research, 2020).

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