The Starbeing Meditation Triad Series

The next triad is here, we started with the ‘intergenerational healing’ 3 meditation series which was intense, timely and transformational to say the least. The recordings are available for $85 if you get the pull you will know – there is no ‘right’ time to activate this intergenerational lineage healing, just a knowing that this is one of the activation tools. Trust.
I definitely understood why they were important both individually and collectively and each meditation took be on a big journey the days prior which was both earth shattering and rewarding.
Since then, I have sat here almost apprehensive with when the next series will happen and what it will be. I am aware that nothing I do is ‘subtle’ but the frequencies are already very intense, alas, I trust once more, this to be a journey that is both needed and necessary for all who come along, myself included.
The new series is connecting and remembering your star-being origins. This has been an accelerated journey for many in the past few years however, the last few months many have felt the remembering more that ever with ones STARSEED wisdom felt more consciously over the personality.
This remembering is occurring as we are all stepping even more fully into the work we are here to do (this I go into more when we connect) – both consciously and subconsciously.
These meditations will be guiding you to understanding more about your own origins, why you have chosen to be on earth at this time and remembering your soul’s mission. We will have two main meditations then on the 3rd week have a discussion around what you learned, activating more of your star-being knowledge, learning who else is from your star family, activating your star language and codes and I am sure so much more that not even I am privy to yet.
Dates for ‘The Star-Being Triad Series’:
1. October 26 8-9pm AEDT – Brief Talk and Meditation
2. November 2 8-9pm AEDT – Brief Talk and Meditation
3. The Discussion – November 9 8-9:15pm AEDT
Exchange $111 for the Triad – please email to book

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