The ‘Mirror’ Workshop

‘The Mirror’ Workshop –
Join me for a live group workshop all about ‘The Mirrors’ we create to reflect our state.
What are the mirrors? Well, for those who have worked with me for sometime, you have all heard me taking notes whilst you share your stories of how ‘this’ affects you and how ‘that person’ triggers you and ‘why’ you always experience something over and over etc etc……
As I take notes, I ask you questions like – ‘How did that make you feel’? ‘What did that raise in you?’ ‘Have you experienced this feeling, thought, reaction before?’ and many more annoying questions you think are interruptive to your elaborate story telling….
You have then proceeded to reply to these anyway because the only other option is to runaway and then comes the good part!!!!……
The penny starts to drop about these ‘situations’, and you begin to understand them as ‘frequencies’ that YOU are mirroring back to you (attracting is another word) because of some belief structure, belief, trauma, experience etc etc that you are continuing to align to.
You then usually kick up a stink about how much ‘perceived’ work you have to do to become enlightened and not buy into these patterns – at this point, I am usually giggling and welcoming you to the land of accountability…….then end…..or is it!
Well, for the first time ever in a group, we are going to nut through ‘The Mirror’ as a concept;
1. How to recognise your mirrors
2. How this type of accountability serves the soul
3. What tools are necessary to keep bringing you back to ‘The Mirror’
And, I am sure, so much more.
You will receive notes to follow and add to as we ‘workshop’ this and it will be interactive from the perspective that it will be a live meet up via zoom that you can share and ask questions throughout.
Date: 10:30am Wednesday November the 15th AEDT – if you cannot make the live, you are welcome to obtain the recording. Please email to book and receive link and notes.
Exchange $85

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