The 2024 7 Month Chakra Immersion has Landed…check out ‘The Invitation’ to see if your get the shivers down your spine!

Have a listen to this little creation detailing this years 7 month vibration raiser. Connect for a time to connect and have a chat or dive in and sign straight up

Watch the full video creation here

Start date April 6 6pm AEDT – the eve of a solar eclipse and new moon in Taurus

The ‘Can opener’

The can opener is the entry level into the immersion, this involves

Members login to the portal and ‘The Epoch’ Room

The Portal is:

A specifically tailored and constantly modified online spiritual seeder which includes
1. Weekly videos to help guide you through each chakra and the ideas, patterns, concepts to observe – energetic ‘homework’ if you want to call it that? When you listen to the weekly videos, they are activating the seeds of consciousness within that naturally get you moving through the rainbow (shadow and light) of what they raise and all that entails.
2. Written content for all those adverse to seeing my face in video and desire to see in print the observations that you are being guided to unveil
3. Meditations and Chakra Activations – each chakra has a few of these that you can do
4. Extra resources to go and dig deeper with -this may be uploaded to the online portal or to the ‘Epoch Room’
The Epoch is:
‘An epoch refers to an event or a specific time marked by a significant occurrence that ushers in a new period or development.’
This is our community hub, a place for us to connect and share. We are here together and some of the ways this amazing space is utilised are:
1. It’s a virtual lounge room, but a nice one, not owned by meta but entered into by the scared space of my website (which is coded up to the nigh)
2. Vlogs – are super encouraged – yup sounds scary but once you see just how empowering they can be to listen to, you will feel super safe to share your stories
3. Posts – you can also post the written word here if that is your thing, a poem, a book, podcast or video you love and often I get you to share certain seeds like when was your last sunrise or sunset, or share what your imbalance masculine looks like, or what is your definition of ‘money’…. its so interesting to hear the differences in everyone’s thoughts…
4. This is live time so all the events of this 2024 immersion will be what makes this super special – what is happening astrologically, globally, locally etc all very much become part of this connection
5. Post from me – about the buddies for the chakra, when to open your crystal and why I chose this crystal for you, messages about the elixirs and other potions are all posted here when I either download them or they are time to open…
6. A general space to feel at home, relaxed and connected to those within the immersion, alongside you.
You can then book 1:1s in addition if you feel as though you need them or continue our journey together if we are already doing this.

The Amped Vibration Raiser – Is the next level in – When you really desire to go all in – this is the ticket for you

The brilliant part of this one is that you are close and tight with me for the 7 months with:

• 4 x 1:1 sessions to help dive deeper and work with me gaining clarity and perspective as well as have me calling you out on any ego moves you have going on. Oh the resistance you may feel about these is why it is best to book these at the onset of jumping into the immersion – then your life has to work around these arranged times….muhahaha
• 1 x Big vibration code activation session – who knows what will happen in this session, these can get wild – the drums come out, the light language channelled the guided meditations come from nowhere…. This is a good one to pick the chakra you feel are generally the most challenged in – usually the one that makes you want to quit the course!
• Extra Crystals – there are a few extra goodies in this pack – including a few extra crystals
• Moon Elixir spray supports – for those who have had them, you know what they do…for those who don’t, best not spray them willy nilly…wink wink
• An extra amped group strategy session via zoom to nut out ‘the values’….the what Martine…..oh you just wait and see….

Both entries into the immersion also provide:
1. Live monthly Activation zooms where we connect, go over some of the themes for the month ahead, have a little chin wag about the month that just went and dive deep into some real stories and experiences. These are intimate, intense and joyful all at once. They generally happen on a Saturday night and go for about 3 hours ending with a little meditation. These too are important to come into live and show up with your camera but every year we have gorgeous mums who are listening in the background whilst they are putting their little cherubs to bed and then rock up ready to go an hour in – that is also perfect.
2. Two live events – one in the heart chakra and the other in the Crown as the final gathering. If you decide not to come to Coffs Harbour for these, no stress, there will still be a zoom however, these lives are certainly worth the mission. The heart is a cosy winter affair where we rug up in a snuggly space, share a dahl, and chocolate goodies, connect together for the first time which is amazing considering how intimately we already know each other and journey into some sound healing, deep soulful chats and who know what else…
The Crown chakra is around my fire pit – welcoming you to my home, we gather around and share a collaboration feast whist we share deeply each and everyone’s 7 month adventure and complete the final task – the values that no longer aligned are burned and our new mission statements are embodies in ceremony – these nights are massive and leave you feeling as though you have completed the journey that is ‘The chakra immersion’. At this point in time, you feel simultaneously nostalgic and relief secretly knowing you have a 4 month break until the next round begins, you are already wondering if you are ‘in’ or ‘out…
3. A specific crystal for each chakra (the amped a few more) is chosen for each individual of the immersion. Once I have tuned into the collective energy of the group, these crystals immerge as though destiny itself sent them to be both uplifting, guiding and raising during our 7 months. This is so much fun for me, I have a field day and if you know anyone who has been in the chakra immersion in the past, just ask them about the crystals and observe what happens to their facials and body as they explain the yumminess… ps 5 have already been picked, they came in fast and strong, even before I had a chance to invite anyone
4. An Art Creative with a gorgeous collaboration that goes by the name ‘Colleen’ …Colleen is an art guide who channels intuitively and uses art as a way to clear energies that are ready to move on and invoke a new vibration that embodies your authentic truth and love vibration. Colleen has been part of this immersion for 4 seasons now and it would be impossible to imagine an immersion without her. There are two art hubs this year. One in the sacral and one in the throat and both will be offered live on zoom and recorded if you can’t make it – I highly recommend going out of your way to be live You can connect with Colleen on Insta @colleentalbot_art
5. Another gem of a collaboration I have coming in for the first time is an akashic record intuitive and reader who goes by the name of ‘Helen’. The Lovley Helen will be sharing two sessions with us. One in the heart and one in the third eye and all I know is that this will be big…. You can connect with Helen @oraclecardgoddess
6. The Buddies. Oh I love the besties that are created in the buddies! Each month we are connected to another to offer a place to hold space and support each other as well as create accountability. Oh my goodness how much do I love matching the buddies each month, knowing you guys enough to know how to pair you brings joy to my life….and yours by default. You get to see intimately how amazing each of you really are in all that you do and all that you offer. I love how many besties I have ‘match made’ from this support collocation.

The Can Opener comes in at over $3500 in value and you can dive in head first for $1630 which becomes a 1 and symbolises a new beginning and spiritual connection
The Amped version comes in at over $5000 value and journey to trusting in this adventure can be yours for $2444 (we are in a 444 year) and adds up to 5 which is all about deep lasting change, alignment and rebalancing.

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