Teen Spiritual Empowerment Workshop

I’m about to finish up with another great ‘Pre-Teen’ Meditation group. I have loved teaching them all sorts or new ways of looking at life. We have learnt about crystals, angels, guides, our aura and chakra’s and discussed many human abilities such as unconditional love, judgement and expression. I will miss the group but the teens are getting anxious for their turn so here comes another class!

Coming soon to the end of October is a weekly meditation/spiritual empowerment class for 13-18 year olds. The class will teach meditationa and energetics. Discovering the self through awareness of how you react and cope to individual circumstances.

How we are in the world shapes who we inevitably become. Who we become is shaped by our environment, choices and personality.

This class aims to empower the individual to make choices that are true and real to them alone. Though these choices you are better able to shine your individuality to the world and really make a difference.

Tools to help you along the way are also taught such as relaxation and breathing techniques, utilising the tarot, crystals and bach flower essences as well as energetic tools.

Partnership work will also be part of the class structure. Feeling anothers energy system also teaches us so much about ourselves.

Classes will be $20pp, an upfront discounted payment option will be available

Dates will be posted in the upcoming days.

Please contact me for further details: 0404 237 087

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