‘Summer Vibes’ Homeopathic Workshop

Want to learn more about homeopathy and be able to apply it for the season you are in?
We have made it through the colds and flu season, how about expanding that knowledge and delving deep into many other ways we can apply these amazing remedies!
As we ventured past the sugar overload of the Halloween season, it got me desiring to share the fact there are many remedies we use to assist in intolerances, allergies, behavioural, bloating and many other expressions of discomfort we see from food or because of food.
It’s also super challenging to avoid many foods at this time of the year so we can help support this.
We will also cover summer bites and stings, injuries and wounds, summer ailments like ear infections and swimmer’s ear as well as skin infections such as impetigo. As well as touch on sunstroke and heat stroke.
There will be time for you to share your questions on all things homeopathy. So whether you are new to homeopathy or desiring to expand on your already existing knowledge, I’m excited to just spend time with you sharing and empowering you on the amazing awesomeness of homeopathy.
When: 16th November AEDT
Where: Online (link and notes will be provided closer to the day)
How much: $25
Life Long Access to the Link
Email: [email protected] to book

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