Pre-Teen Workshop Saturday the 6th December

Hi All,

It’s been a few months since I have held a workshop and this has been in part to do with not having the space but also being able to fit it into life. The need to connect all my little star children together has taken precedence however, and the first workshop of many has been spawn.

Join me at 3pm on the 6th of December for and afternoon filled with chats about vibrations, energy, the elements and love. What this means to you and how you feel affected by them at school, with your family, with your  friends and around your neighborhood.

Through this, we will then look at learning how to identify what your own energy feels like and what it can feel like to be in another’s energy – like when you go to friends house, or the beach.

Learning to be aware of the different energies and also learning to ground and protect yourself from energies that drain or make us not feel so good will be part of this workshop too.

We will also make some energetic love bubbles so you can spread your love to everyone as the little star ones love to do this.

The workshop is for ages 8-11 both boys and girls and will commence at 3pm, finishing at 5pm just after a short meditation/relaxation.

The workshop is being held at Magdala Cottage, the address is 29 Vera Drive, Coffs Harbour. There is side entrance through the communal driveway on the left. Parents, please come through the gate and formally drop your little stars off to me and likewise upon pick up however, please allow right up until 5pm to come to the door so as not to interrupt the meditation.

Cost is $25 per star.

Please RSVP to me directly on 0404 237 087.

I’m excited!




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