Online Metaphysial Master 7 Months 7 Chakras

This is the first time I am offering an online platform for it but I don’t feel as though it will be any less of a course. In fact, after I brainstormed how this was going to work it actually has even more content and an extra supportive 1 on 1 session with me personally to ensure you don’t feel lost in the dark.

So, this course is about exploring your patterns, coping mechanisms and expressions (both physically and emotionally/mentally) through the chakras. Each chakra represents different themes, and when we understand the themes and how we ‘function’ in the world, we have an opportunity to change how we ‘would’ like to be in the world and from what ‘place’ we would like to come from i.e. unconditional love, growth, contribution as opposed to fear, judgment, anxiety.

The course provides tools to learn how to ‘flip’ these in your world so that you can begin now creating the world that resonates from your soul purpose.

· Learn all about each chakra, their location and purpose
· Gain tools and skills to journey through the patterns and beliefs that lie in each chakra observing how they play out in your world both internally and externally
· Spend a whole month in each chakra through colour immersion, foods and drinks, affirmations, decrees, writing exercises and crystal exploration

We work our way up through the chakras month after month, activating, releasing and observing all the amazing attributes each chakra helps us discover and express in our world.

Afterwards you will:
· know yourself on a deeper level
· be able to recognise your own ‘story’
· Have the skills to ‘call yourself out’ on your ‘story’
· Have a deeper understanding of meditation
· Recognise the ‘mirror to the self’ all our experiences offer
· Have made lifelong friends through a 7 month journey to the soul whilst simultaneously have been given the privilege to observe all others in the group go on this journey with you

The course will be 2 hours live group session through ZOOM once monthly
40 min face to face, skype or factime consult to see what is coming up with you – monthly (between the live sessions)
7 Crystals – one for each of the months
Notes and ‘homework’

We will also be building on a project that becomes clearer each month and eventuates in you knowing what your life purpose entails

The date of commencement for this course is Still in progress but it will be in July/August.

Investment: $710
Location: Anywhere! (As long as you have internet

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