Metaphysical Mastery 7 Month 7 Chakras Starting March 13

Here we go again! If you have done this life changing course, you know what you are in for, if you have been told about it, you are most likely oscillating between super charged and freaking out, if this is the first time you have considered this course but somehow you are reading this and have made it this far into my waffle then this is a taste of what these 7 months do for you!

  • Yes, you learn about the chakras but they are really a decoy to get you looking at what crap you have in each chakra so you can take way more accountability for where you find yourself today and know exactly what you need to do to rise above.
  • We unpack all the values that make up your life, question how they serve you and bring in strategies and tools to smash them and create awesome ones.
  • We discuss current energies and collective vibrations, what they mean for you and humanity.
  • We bring in many tools for your ‘mental and emotional toolbox’ so far beyond the course, you continue to have more breakthroughs that propel what your definition is, of an extraordinary life.
  • You will have 100% clarity on what your truth is, your purpose and be able to embody this and go on to serve the planet in ways you have not dreamt of yet!
  • You will embody trust and Faith more than you ever have before.

Base 13th March
Sacral 10th April
Solar 8th May
Heart 5th June
Throat 17th July
Third Eye 14th August
Crown 11th September
Two Support Zooms TBA

Each month has its own crystal to support you, if you know me at all, you also know the support does not stop there! I always say if you don’t know your life’s purpose by the end of the course, I will refund you!
The dates this year are aimed outside of school holidays as we are all embracing them, except the Easter one which is perfect as it’s the sacral chakra so if we are away with our family this is all about relationships anyway!
All the nights are on zoom this year to allow for flexibility and location issues. I am going to offer for those who can and would like to commit even more to us meeting collectively in the heart chakra in person, location TBA, I will wait and see you signs up!

There will be two additional zooms (9 nights in total), which will be part of the course and dates to be advised as the energies of the group and year tend to dictate when we need this most. One will be a ‘Values’ session and the other…who knows! Both will be perfectly timed and have always allowed everyone to attend, thank you universe!

Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm (please note, we often go over, my name is Martine 😊)

If this course sings to you, please book by phoning 0404 237 087 or email [email protected]. Connect if you are questioning if this is for you!

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