Metaphysical Mastery 7 Chakras – 7 Nights – 7 Months

7 Chakras – 7 Nights – 7 Months7 Chakras – 7 Nights – 7 Months

Excited yet?

Come on a journey of self discovery through the eyes of your chakras. Known as the gateway to the soul, in your chakra centres, lie the power to change your life.

Our chakras are connect both to our emotions, mental state and physical health as well as how we tap into the spiritual aspect of the self.

It is then easy to understand how important it is to balance our chakra points as well as create awareness of the patterns and conditions we hold within them.

Over 7 months, we will spend a month relishing in each chakra. Starting with the ‘Opening ceremony’ of the base chakra on Saturday May 12th. Through this activation, you will become aware of what lies within this chakra, what feelings and emotions, what rigid views or fixed thoughts, as well as what physical ailments directly correlate. You will also discover how these points hold the amazing qualities, talents and uniqueness that shine within us, observing where you are balanced and ‘holding the space’ for your self already.

You will then be given tools and skills to spend the month before the next workshop on the 23rd of June to continue to look within at these patterns and observe how they play out in your world as well as skills to surrender them when they come up.

Meditations, colour immersion, foods, teas, affirmations, decrees, and writing exercises will be part of the journey in between the nights. This will allow you to delve deep into each chakra, supported and guided.

It is then that we continue through each chakra, month after month, activating and releasing as well as observing all the amazing attributes each chakra helps us discover and express in our world.

Is it time for you to release all that no longer serves you so that you may become the best version of yourself?

As Mahatma Gandhi once said;

Dates: Saturday nights: May 12, June 23, July 21, August 18, September 15, October 13 and November 10

Working in a group accentuate and accelerates the healing and awareness and thus by the end of 7 months you will, no doubt have made a few friends for life. If you cannot make all the dates however, a private session can be arranged at an additional fee with Martine.

Location: The Loft Yoga Studio, 15 Orlando St Coffs Harbour Jetty 2450 NSW Coffs Harbour, NSW

Investment: $250 the whole workshop (7 nights)

Time: 7-9pm

So if this course sings to you, please book by phoning 0404 237 087 or email [email protected] to book. Places will be limited.

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