Homeopathy Works!!

Homeopathy Works

Workshop to be held on Tuesday 15th May, 7pm – 9pm at:
Magdala Cottage Holistic Energy Centre
108 Park Beach Rd, Coffs Harbour

Do you know that…

  • There are safe, natural and effective ways to treat everyday ailments and accidents at home?
  • Homeopathy is a system of medicine recognised by the World Health Organisation?
  • There are natural ways to promote health and take care during illness?

Come and join us for a fun and informative short course to find out more. Learn about:

  • Concepts in health and disease
  • Basic principles of homeopathy
  • Conditions you can and can’t treat safely
  • How to select the right homeopathic remedy
  • Guidelines for taking the remedy
  • 6 first aid remedies

Feel confident in prescribing homeopathic first aid safely.

Workshop fee: $20 

For bookings and enquiries contact me.

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