Homeopathic Clinic Pensioners Day

Homeopathic Clinic Pensioners Day

Wednesdays 9am-1pm
Magdala Cottage Holistic Energy Centre
108 Park Beach Rd, Coffs Harbour

It’s time to change, to heal, to grow ‘Life, be in it!’

Homeopathy can assist in the management of many different types of disease and conditions. Treatment is aimed at restoring health at both a physical and emotional/mental level. The medicines help to strengthen the body’s constitution so not only do your presenting symptoms improve, but you develop resistence to colds, flu’s, allergies and injuries. Additionally, you also feel better equiped to deal with whatever life throws your way.

Course fees:
Initial consults 1 ½ hrs $40 (Normally $85) Follow-up 30-60 min $25-30 (Normally $65)

Bookings essential Limited vacancies

For bookings and enquiries contact me.

Download Leaflet:
Pensioners Day Flyer

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