Join Martine in a journey back to the self through the auric field and chakras
This workshop is about teaching the fundamentals of energy relative to both you and your surrounds:
• We will cover the 7 main chakras and what they represent
• The 4 layers of the aura and how to feel each layer
• Understanding our own energy field as a whole and identifying where your energy ends and another’s begins
• Feeling different energies
• Learning to hold our energies through self awareness and the building of a personal toolbox
The evenings will be interactive and practical and will involve meditation.

The course is structured over 4 Friday evenings
The first of 2 evenings are self-awareness:

Course 1 is ‘Learning How to hold your Space’ – this allows us to delve into the energy centres and see what personal patterns, beliefs and perceptions are in there. This gives us an understanding of how we can both perceive information through these patterns as well as project onto others unknowingly. We do this through the auric field and chakra centres as well as asking ourselves important questions.

The second 2 evenings are practical energy work:

Course 2 is ‘Energetic Healing Practices’ where we will delve more into ‘hands on energy’ and learn healing techniques you can apply in your daily life, family and work. These are from setting the room up to clearing both the chakra centres and auric field. Time to shine lightworkers!

Once graduated, you will be able to attend regular monthly healing workshops with other previous graduates, where you can develop your skills, learn new ones and continue to give and receive healings in a supported environment.
When: Each Evening is set 2 weeks apart to allow integration. The dates are: 9th November, 23rd of November, 7th of December and 21st of December. 6:30pm -9pm
Where: Melting Pot Loft Yoga, 35 Orlando St Coffs Harbour Jetty, Coffs Harbour, NSW
Investment: $300 the whole workshop (4 nights)
Time: 6:30-9pm
What to Bring: A Notebook and pen, a crystal that resonates with you at the time and a piece of jewellery (can be anyone’s).

So, if this resonates with you, please book by either emailing [email protected], texting or calling 0404 237 087.

Please note places will be limited and once booked your place is confirmed and non-refundable. Any evenings you miss will be at an additional expense to catch up in a private session, please let Martine know at the time of booking if there are any you will be unable to attend so that a time can be arranged.

Martine Robertson is a homeopath and energetic healer practising from her clinic in Coffs Harbour, she frequently holds workshops and healing nights. Martine holds a Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine from Nature Care College in Sydney, a Diploma of metaphysical healing from Chiara College in Sydney

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