Health Check – What is Coming up for you?

What is Coming up for you?

Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend in the sun!

My topic this email is – ‘What is coming up for you?’

I recently attended an ayurvedic workshop run by the lovely Amy (She also owns/runs the Bello box, a weekly local and seasonal organic produce box). This workshop was just what I was needing as a reminder of what my little Autumn body is needing to be able to digest and feel nurtured as I accommodate the cooler nights, shorter days and change in foods.
In just a few days of eating more akin to my bodies needs right now, I was clear and reaching precipices of new levels self understanding and consciousness. I needed that!

For those unfamiliar with Ayurvedic principles, please click here to have a little read:

Even though Coffs Harbour has not yet felt the cold of winter, we are however experiencing the illness that goes around at this time of the year. From colds to stomach bugs – we are dropping like flies however, I encourage you to look at what is really ‘behind the scenes’ the next moment you become ill or simply have an ‘off day’.

What is coming up for you?

Sometimes we need to get sick to stop and observe ourselves, what is going on in our lives, and how we are feeling about it. Illness can then either be looked at as a way in which our bodies communicate that what is happening is not ok however, it can also be a way the body is releasing old patterns or emotions that were stored in our body around the traumatic event.

A good way of discovering what is actually coming up for you is to look at the chakra system and what each chakra represents – for example, a stomach bug is usually a direct correlation to our solar plexus – the home of our will, personal power, ego – if you have recently had the stomach flu, what has it been asking you to look at? Could there be old beliefs about yourself that need to be purged, could there be a realigning of personal power you once abused or yielded to? Could your heart be softening and not needing that egoic understanding it once put in place to feel safe.

Check out this little table to give you a brief of each chakra: but I love Anoeda Judith for what she teaches about the chakas in her books and videos:

When I was in Japan earlier this year, I fell in love with so many things about the culture and people. Even when invited to a tea ceremony, did I not expect to hear that it takes 20 years to become a tea master. The young 23 year old woman, who was our host, was only 7 years into her training and I observed such a strength in her dedication that exuded so much love for the art, something, my restless self would not find joy in, having come from a culture that lacks the foundations of such discipline and respect.
This is a culture that understands the art of self awareness and therefore is able to let other, more egoic states of awareness become less significant in these teachings.
Although I will certainly not be dedicating my life to becoming a ‘Tea Master’, I do however, dedicate my life to self awareness.


Simply put: Through knowing myself, I am kinder, softer and more giving not only to myself but to others. The old saying goes – If you fill your cup, then the overflow reaches unto others.

We have to go within to see the underlying patterns, belief structures that our little wounded inner children put in as a way to feel safe in this world. As an adult executive self, we spend our time breaking these patterns to discover how we actually feel and then can heal the reactions we have through this.

So all I have to ask you is……..’Are you taking time to heal?’

Thank you to you all for taking the time to come and sit on the red chair to look at yourself. You are all so amazing and I feel every bit along the way with you. What an beautiful world we have to share.

Your stories melt away and what is left is you!

Keep up the journey and I’ll see you in the clinic when you are ready to go deeper.


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