Friday Night Healing Lights

The Friday Night Healing Lights are a monthly event that expands on the ‘Hold your Space’ healing workshop through expanding on various healing techniques.
This year we are kicking off with a really special evening on the 1st – healing mums and bubs still in the womb.

Last month we went into distance healing and observed and healed the frequencies of the Pilbara region and mines, the Koala’s around our district that have been affected by deforestation as well as a specific distant healing on a consenting individual who has been suffering severe physical dis harmony for most of her life.

The evenings are so interesting as working with energy, you can never understand what you will be learning until you have already learnt it! Spirit guides and protects and is always accountable for the topics chosen, who shows up, the phenomenal healings that occur and the experience, conversations and miracles that occur each evening.
It is always a privilege to be a part of these evenings.

Contact Martine at: [email protected] for more information on hwo you can be a part of these ongoing nights.

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