Ego Workshop with The Holistic Hub

Held over 2 afternoons we delve deep into the layers of the ego and how we all must walk through these shadows on our way to the light.

The Holistic Hub with Maree and Martine, are excited to announce our first workshop together.

The first afternoon is an overview, definition and how it originated over thousands of years ago – so the good history session!

This will entail ‘The Holistic Hub’Perspectives on:

  • The birth of ego – over thousands yrs ego took us away from Law of One
  • Understanding devolution from higher realms to illusion / ego / fear that 3D and 4D represent and the current dissolution back to 5D and Law of One
  • The ego as consciousness only
  • The Feminine and masculine energies
  • Understanding consciousness and the power of
  • Recognising all less than love is fear based vibrations

The second afternoon will go into how we move through these old frequencies, why we are in this massive collective ascension, how this is ‘playing out’ in our light bodies as well as a few case studies and lots of time for Q&A

  • Traits of divine masculine and feminine and then the imbalanced ego qualities / traits of such
  • Effects on chakras / symptomology
  • Tools such as chord cutting, the violet flame, crystals and crystal grids, thymus tapping, the Merkabah, gratitude and so much more.

We will have a handout for you both to read along to and have some of the topics we covered in written format so you have both these and the recordings to continue your inner and outer journey with.

We, are loving your feedback and excitement to be part of ‘The Hub’ and know that if you are meant to be part of these workshops, you simply will be.


Maree and Martine

Please note:

  1. You just book for the 19th and you are automatically granted access to the second workshop
  2. We will email the details of the links and workbook prior to the event so please be sure to list your current email address.
  3. If you are booking as a gift or for a friend, please email each of your addresses to [email protected] you are also welcome to ask any questions through this email too.

Click here to book

Tickets $140 for the two sessions

Dates: 19th of November and 3rd of December 2022

Where: Online (Notes and links will be provided after ticket purchase and closer to the time)

Life long access to the link

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