Hi Everyone,

Who has been sneezing on you lately?

Just a little reminder of one of my favourite little gems named – ANAS BARB.

I was reminded of it beautifully this past weekend when Isla was clearing some of her own stuff with a cough that then became snot!

As affectionate as she is, she insisted on giving me her kisses and cuddles and I also copped a few ‘in the face sneezes’.

So what did I do?

Well, I had my trusty little Anas Barb 200c on hand so anytime she decided that ‘sharing was caring’ (as she puts it), I took a dose.

What else did I do?

I meditated as usual and did energy observations and clearings on both of us, I upped our Vit c, zinc and vital greens with meals and I listened to the beat of our own drums. We flowed with the days, played dollies, walked the beach, snuggled in bed in the middle of the day and ate pumpkin soup made from one of the pumpkins in my back garden that my landscaper has been having to navigate around much to his annoyance because I won’t let him destroy in the making of any retaining walls or fire pits.

All in all it was what we both needed.

Anas Barb Protocol
Flu and Cold preventative: Taken Fortnightly or monthly depending on susceptibility to cold and flus or as a ward against flu on plane trips or heavily populated areas. Dose a few hours before plane and every 3-4 hours on the plane.
If someone sneezes on you or you have been exposed to someone with a cold/flu – take a dose then too.
Used in conjunction with other remedies in the onset of symptoms such as aconite. Gelsenium, Ferrum phos etc.

From the 1st to the 14th, Anas Barb is $10 a vial (Normally $15)

Get your winter on đŸ™‚

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