Why am I Always Bumping my Gums About Constitutional Remedies?!

Hi all,

Many of you are so amazing at using homeopathics at home and are really understanding the differences in remedies and the frequency of use.

What I feel is still a little misunderstood is the nature of impact homeopathics have and when is it important to utilise a good constitutional remedy.

So what is a constitutional homeopathic?

It is the highest level of treatment – that is – it is taking into account the absolute individuality of a person – not the symptoms or the affections that you are suffering from but WHO YOU ARE. This gives the longest and most amazing result.

So, as you can see – why would I not strive to practice on the highest level?

There are many principles under which homeopathics are chosen, that I will leave to another day. I more wanted you to understand why it is important to go in with individualised homeopathics when acute illness either becomes complicated, hangs around or is recurring.

It is fine to treat say a cough, or an ear ache with your first aid kit However, I will give an example of when this is actually something more.

You get a cold, alongside all your little family members – fun! – However, yours goes to your chest, like always, when everyone else’s has seemed to clear. Why does yours go to your chest – why has it done this since you were a kid? This is part of your genetic weakness. 

As you know, we are made up from our mum and dad parts as well as all the people they came from. So what is passed to us is what makes up our constitution. That is why babies can be born with Eczema or digestive issues etc. We also add to this with our environmental influences –  both physically (like mould) and emotionally (perhaps being impacted by your parents divorcing or even a new brother being born). This then becomes our weak spot so when we are challenged in some way – again mentally, emotionally or physically – this can be triggered.

So here you are, 2 weeks later with a rattly chesty cough – baaa!

As you can see, acute remedies may have been helping but not quite clearing the cough completely. 

Now at this point many of you know what I will say………’Do you think you might like to come in for some interrogation…?’

This is where I ask you everything from what you had to eat to what was going on around the time you got sick, I might even pull out one of my trusty books and see if you resonate with the emotional link to the cough – ‘Have you been feeling smothered, putting others needs first, sad and suppressed’ – or if it’s a child who is being affected, I often ask the parents if either of them have been feeling this way. Then I continue to gather information until I feel like I have the sensation of how you are experiencing this situation matched with a remedy. 

With my prescription, the aim is to both shift the present cough and the weakness that you hold to every cold going to your chest. 

Then next winter – ta da – your cold doesn’t hit your chest.

I find that experience creates the best understanding of this so I encourage you to write a brief experience in the comments on my webpage if you have had a symptom you experienced for a significant time change or disappear through our work together – 

This little clip explains a little of how I come to your individual remedy: https://martinerobertson.com.au/news/2054/


A beautiful documentary has been released this year about homeopathy. It’s called ‘One Last Drop’. I am presently looking into broadcasting the film for the Coffs community later in the year out of Sawtell Cinema.


I’ll keep you posted on dates there.

I hope this has been helpful.

Enjoy the weekend

x x

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