Health Check – What is Coming up for you?

Sometimes we need to get sick to stop and observe ourselves, what is going on in our lives, and how we are feeling about it. Illness can then either be looked at as a way in which our bodies communicate that what is happening is not ok however, it can also be a way the body is releasing old patterns or emotions that were stored in our body around the traumatic event.

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Homeopath at Home Workshop on March 4 at One Conscious Breath Yoga Studio

Are you interested in homeopathy but find it difficult to apply?

Whether you are new to homeopathy, an avid user, or are starting to dabble in using homeopathy at home, all are welcome for an informative journey into making use out of these amazing remedies.

Come with me to observe the soul’s expression through not only physical symptoms but emotional and mental as well. We are all unique, it is time we reflected this in the way we return to health.

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Pre-Teen Workshop Saturday the 6th December

Join me at 3pm on the 6th of December for and afternoon filled with chats about vibrations, energy, the elements and love. What this means to you and how you feel affected by them at school, with your family, with your friends and around your neighborhood.

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Acute Otitis Media

A Little link to an abstract article on conventional methods verses homeopathic methods to treat Acute Otitis Media

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Clinical Trials

With information being so readily available to us today through various media outlets and especially the internet, it is easy to become bombarded and overwhelmed with information. How are we able to discern the information we are receiving and distinguish the truth?

Modern science is asking the natural medicine industry to step up and prove the efficacy of the medicines we use and as a consequence, we have begun over the years to research via the orthodox methodologies, ways to prove our practice.
Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years, over this time we have documented well, our cases and medicine provings to support the prescription of our medicines. These however, do not count for much in modern science and so we have begun to research through other methods and now hold over 250 excellent randomly controlled trials.

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Winter Proof Your Family

As the nights begin to have a cool tinge to them, we said ‘goodbye’ to daylight saving for a few months this past weekend. Although the ocean is still like bath water, and the days are filled with sunny warmth, autumn as we know it, has begun here in Coffs Harbour. Now is the time to prep those bodies, minds and souls for the cosy nights in and the sneezing family member that makes us spray eucalyptus oil in their wake.

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