Winter Wellness Homeopathic First Aid Course

If you have landed here, it’s that time! If you are wanting to prep yourself this winter and know what to have on hand for the cold season, look no further.
The answer is in these 5 easy videos created for you with you and your fam bam in mind.

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Online Metaphysial Master 7 Months 7 Chakras

This course is about exploring your patterns, coping mechanisms and expressions (both physically and emotionally/mentally) through the chakras. Each chakra represents different themes, and when we understand the themes and how we ‘function’ in the world, we have an opportunity to change how we ‘would’ like to be in the world and from what ‘place’ we would like to come from i.e. unconditional love, growth, contribution as opposed to fear, judgment, anxiety.

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First Aid Workshop 7th July 2018

Learn the basic principles and history of Homeopathy
Learn common ailments that can be treated using homeopathics
Spend time understanding 12 different remedies and the dynamic ways they can be applied
Understand potency and dosing

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Homeopath at Home Workshop on March 4 at One Conscious Breath Yoga Studio

Are you interested in homeopathy but find it difficult to apply?

Whether you are new to homeopathy, an avid user, or are starting to dabble in using homeopathy at home, all are welcome for an informative journey into making use out of these amazing remedies.

Come with me to observe the soul’s expression through not only physical symptoms but emotional and mental as well. We are all unique, it is time we reflected this in the way we return to health.

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