Colic is such a common occurrence in newborns and is distressing not only for the baby but the parents too.

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Onion Layers

Watching a case unravel before my eyes is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job. We are all so complex living each day with a mixture of genetic predispositions, environmental influences, past patterns of emotions and current triggers for all three.

Is it possible to be in perfect health?

I would rather pose the question – ‘What is perfect health?’

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Coughs in Coffs

When I moved to Coffs Harbour February of 2012, I was told by my fellow practitioners to master the art of treating coughs. As I have had time now to observe these little annoyances in my practice now for over a year and a half, I have to laugh at the accuracy of this previous comment.

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Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is a common occurrence even in sunny Australia. We have been taught to ‘slip, slop, slap’ to the extent that 45-84% of Australians are effectively vitamin D deficient (NHMRC 2013). Mild vitamin D deficiency can be asymptomatic (meaning show no symptoms), but severe vitamin D deficiency is mainly seen in bone with such deficiencies causing rickets (a de mineralisation of bone causing bowing limbs in rapidly developing children) and oesteomalacia (soft bones) (Higdon 2003, pp75).

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