Winter Proof Your Family

As the nights begin to have a cool tinge to them, we said ‘goodbye’ to daylight saving for a few months this past weekend. Although the ocean is still like bath water, and the days are filled with sunny warmth, autumn as we know it, has begun here in Coffs Harbour.
Now is the time to prep those bodies, minds and souls for the cosy nights in and the sneezing family member that makes us spray eucalyptus oil in their wake.

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The Life of a Shaper

What is most remarkable about life is that our perceptions are as individual as ourselves and therefore no two people can have the same outlook on life.

So how we perceive things determines how they will be shaped.

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First Aid Workshop 27th February 2016

Whether it’s a cold, a cough, a belly ache, colic, teething, travel sickness, apprehension anxiety, growing pains or a headache – Ignite your own inner healing mechanisms safely and naturally to restore health.

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Let’s talk Hand, Foot and Mouth

Ok, so let’s get one thing straight – Hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by the virus Coxsackie A. You can’t get it from animals, and it has nothing to do with animal foot and mouth disease.

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Colic is such a common occurrence in newborns and is distressing not only for the baby but the parents too.

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Onion Layers

Watching a case unravel before my eyes is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job. We are all so complex living each day with a mixture of genetic predispositions, environmental influences, past patterns of emotions and current triggers for all three.

Is it possible to be in perfect health?

I would rather pose the question – ‘What is perfect health?’

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