Hpathy Journal article – by Martine Robertson

Published in this months ‘Hpathy Journal’ is case of mine which represents how our babies take on our own energy from the moment they are conceived. The brilliance of homeopathy is the ability to treat the child through the mother.

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Anxiety and Depression – Homeopathic Research

he enormity of this topic makes it both a subject that is still very much understood and becoming more and more prevalent in our world. All our remedies have so many elements to them and most have an expression of Anxiety or Depression within them, obviously exhibited slightly differently.

Homeopathy research on one remedy and condition can be challenging as there is never just one expression, we are all as unique as our fingerprints. However, there is an increasing amount of homeopathic research that is reaching the ‘gold standard’ research requirements and proving the efficacy of homeopathy once and for all.

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