Men’s Talk

The following is an article written on the ‘British Homeopathic Association’ Website – I feel that in Australia, men […]

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Anxiety and Depression – Homeopathic Research

he enormity of this topic makes it both a subject that is still very much understood and becoming more and more prevalent in our world. All our remedies have so many elements to them and most have an expression of Anxiety or Depression within them, obviously exhibited slightly differently.

Homeopathy research on one remedy and condition can be challenging as there is never just one expression, we are all as unique as our fingerprints. However, there is an increasing amount of homeopathic research that is reaching the ‘gold standard’ research requirements and proving the efficacy of homeopathy once and for all.

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Getting ready to come back!

e past 4 months have been life changing and absolutely amazing to say the least. My little bundle is so much fun and such a great teacher. If the puppies, meditation, surfing and running were my tools to keep me present and in the moment, Isla has been added to that list.

I am so excited to be commencing back at my practice toward the end of this month and look forward to meeting some new faces in the clinic.

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Colic is such a common occurrence in newborns and is distressing not only for the baby but the parents too.

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Onion Layers

Watching a case unravel before my eyes is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job. We are all so complex living each day with a mixture of genetic predispositions, environmental influences, past patterns of emotions and current triggers for all three.

Is it possible to be in perfect health?

I would rather pose the question – ‘What is perfect health?’

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