Online Metaphysical 7 Months 7 Chakras

o, this course is about exploring your patterns, coping mechanisms and expressions (both physically and emotionally/mentally) through the chakras. Each chakra represents different themes, and when we understand the themes and how we ‘function’ in the world, we have an opportunity to change how we ‘would’ like to be in the world and from what ‘place’ we would like to come from i.e. unconditional love, growth, contribution as opposed to fear, judgment, anxiety.

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Onion Layers

Watching a case unravel before my eyes is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job. We are all so complex living each day with a mixture of genetic predispositions, environmental influences, past patterns of emotions and current triggers for all three.

Is it possible to be in perfect health?

I would rather pose the question – ‘What is perfect health?’

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What is a Healthy Weight?

Weight is such an interesting topic as we are all conscious of our bodies and its ability to fluctuate in weight from time to time. Over the years you learn to identify key times in your life when you loose or gain weight. These influences can be both emotional and social, for instance, we have just come out the festive season and during this time it is natural to over indulge.

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Know Thyself – Plato

Much of how we live in our western world denies this philosophy however, everyone knowingly or unknowingly yearns for something more than what they have. Whether we yearn in a productive or destructive way is entirely up us.

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