A woman’s weakest area often seems to be connected with her reproductive system and its associated hormones. Environmental factors, genetics and our lifestyles effect our hormones in substantial ways. Many problems can be resolved by constitutional homeopathic treatment, as well as dietary adjustments. For non-persistent conditions, homeopathic self-help will ease much distress.

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Anaemia is usually caused by an iron deficiency and manifests itself through weakness, pallor and lack of stamina. The most vulnerable times are during pregnancy or after excessive blood loss due to heavy periods. Eat foods which are rich in iron and try organic iron preparations from your health food store. Ferrum phos homeopathic should be taken daily to assist with the deficiency susceptibility.

Many women are familiar with the burning agony of urinating when they have a bladder infection. Two of the most useful remedies are Cantharis and Apis.

Mastitis means inflammation of the breast and occurs commonly during breat-feeding. It can be painful but is not normally serious. Homeopathy is usually very successful in reducing the inflammation, there have been double blind studies on cows with mastitis proving the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Phytolacca, belladonna and pulsatilla are three remedies most affiliated in assisting mastitis.

Breast tenderness before periods are common as the breasts respond very quickly to hormonal changes. Breasts can also swell when fighting a general infection, benign cysts and thickening glandular tissue can also be a good reason.

Breast tissue is often a storage place for toxins.

It is important to seek constitutional prescribing to help understand and address the vulnerability to breast tenderness, however there are a few remedies such as phytolacca and pulsatilla that assist to alleviate the symptoms.

Most women are familiar with the mood changes that arise just before an incoming period. But for an unfortunate few, more extreme symptoms of depression, anger and weepiness can appear, sometimes as much as a week before the flow begins.

Constitutional prescribing works best to help with these symptoms.

Pains should also be treated with good homeopathic prescribing however mag phos and viburnum opulus are known homeopathic painkillers.

Unfortunately, there is now are great tendency to treat menopause as a disease, when it simply marks the end of a women’s childbearing years. The symptoms of an out of balance menopause (such as flooding, vaginal dryness and hot flushes) can be treated very successfully with good nutrition and homeopathy.

Recurrent problems will require individualised homeopathic care however some good  homeopathic remedies include Borax, Pulsatilla and Sepia.

This is an extremely important topic in my eyes. We are not accustom to allowing ourselves to be okay with feeling the emotions that arise within us from time to time. It is common philosophy to supress them, put them away for another day, or simply act to all around us that nothing is wrong.

It is time to stop!

We need to address our emotions as they come up and learn to ask ourselves why they are there. Only then can we truly honour and understand ourselves through growth and change. Supressing our emotions is the number one path way to physical illness. Homeopathy always takes into account the physical and emotional circumstances in any case. Some examples include:

  • Miscarriage
  • Abortion
  • Loss of a family member
  • Depression
  • Separation
  • Moving house

It is important to remember our emotions have a huge part to play in our health.