The teenage years reflect some of the most vulnerable and memorable experiences.

Homeopathy can help with the physical and emotional stress affiliated with teenage health. Homeopathic medicines are customised and individualised with the intent to stimulate our own healing mechanisms and restore health.

Many teenagers find themselves faced with profound emotions to which they do not understand. Reactions to these emotions can be in the form of anger, depression, feelings of isolation and an overall sensation of aloneness in the world.

A well prescribed homeopathic can help our teenagers deal with the surge of emotions that engulf their world. Homeopathics help support these changes, bringing a greater knowledge of self awareness and empowerment into the individual along the way.

Today’s teenage life is a busy schedule, often coupled with the pressures of juggling school, homework, extracurricular activities, social life and sometimes a part-time job.

Some common teenage complaints in which homeopathy can help, include:

  • Acne
    During the ages of 12-24, high levels of hormones are produced causing sebum overproduction which irritates the skin and creates pimples. Teenagers complain of embarrassing pimples, disfiguring their face and often have to ride these years out praying for the end to be near.
  • Menstrual Pain
    Period pain can be so debilitating that it can stop you in your tracks for its duration. Pain symptoms can be managed with a well prescribed homeopathic medicine.
  • Fatigue
    Mental and physical weariness can occur for many reasons, from the enormous speed in which the body grows, to the hormones pumping through a teen’s body causing overactive minds and difficulty in concentration, not to mention the giant ‘to do’ lists and social pressures.
  • Anxiety
    During the HSC year, our teenagers are feeling the pressures of not only their immediate future but their long term future as well. Magdala Cottage offers an array of modalities to assist our HSC students, teaching them a clear and calm approach to life. Anxiety plays a big part in most teenagers through such avenues as nervousness before an exam or event; the pressure from friends, parents and teachers; and the new responsibilities being undertaken as they assume maturity.

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