About Me

Martine Robertson HomeopathyIt is my philosophy that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It was apparent to me at an early age that life existed beyond the mask that most wore. I searched many years for the depth of life that only later did I find within myself.

My adventurous side lead me initially into a career within the helicopter industry, but through the fun, fear and adrenaline lay dormant a yearning to fill a void that was as yet untouched. This lead me into the world of metaphysical healing and meditation and it was here I began to feel that I had come home. My life has taken some incredible turns but it is the people of my world that have shaped me and created the thirst in me to assist others in this, at times, tumultuous journey.

Metaphyscial education came first as I delved deep into many principals and philosophies, filling my cup with all that resonated and learnig the fundmentals of many religious and spiritual teachings. As I began to embody them into my heart from my head many things began to unlock including my finding homeopathy.

Homeopathy began to knock at my door and the more I learnt the more I resonated with the philosophy and its application of medicine. I love the way in which homeopathy applies all physical, emotional and circumstantial symptoms to the selection of a remedy, confirming that our pain is soul deep. Similar to the way in which homeopathy stimulates the own healing mechanisms within you, so too is my role as a practitioner. As Kahil Gibran said, ‘No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge’.

I have an immense passion for raising people up beyond the suffering they feel within their perceptions. This is what I call the ‘pain point’. We all have them, all all allow them to drive our worlds and shape the choices we make. With over 12 years direct clinical experience and a few more years of working through these ‘pain points’ within my own soul, I can see them, feel them and an observe them in others in such a way that we dont have to relive them or do the ‘old’ ways of moving through our patterns, conditionings and wounds. My value is that we are on an accelerated raising of your vibration so you too can move through life doing what is important to you.

Professional Biography

Martine Robertson holds a Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine from Nature Care College in Sydney, a Diploma of metaphysical healing from Chiara College in Sydney and has attended many different health seminars, conferences and retreats nationally and abroad to develop her skills in clinic and in all the spaces she holds. A member of the Australian Register of Homeopaths as well as The Australian Homeopathic association, Martine practices in Coffs Harbour and frequently holds talks in the community educating the public about the benefits of homeopathy and meditation in their daily life. In Addition to her private practice, Martine also works at Endeavour College of Natural Health helping the new generation of natural therapists learn. [bra_border_divider]


BA Homeopathic MedicineNature Care College
Diploma Metaphysical HealingChiara College of Metaphysics