Meditation Circle

I have been guided to begin live, online meditation circles. The first will be held on August 22 and run for 3 Tuesdays at 8pm for 1 hour. We will briefly discuss our topic and dive into a meditation around this. The first topic is going to be ‘Generational Trauma’, providing the opportunity to both connect with how this is playing out in your current world and simultaneously offer some healing. Each session will be recorded and the link emailed for you to refer back to whenever you desire. Meditating in a group live is super powerful, each meditation will be time locked so if you cannot make the live for any reason, you will be transported to that timeline when you invite the meditation in, the group activation will still occur. Email me confirm a spot. $85 for the 3 session circle
Session 1: 22nd August
Session 2: 29th August
Session 3: 5th September
I shall email again with the second topic and dates when they land in my being. Excited for this journey with you all.

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