Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – Spotlight on Trace Elements

What are trace minerals? They are in short, minerals that our body needs in TRACE amounts (in the micro trace level (mcg), below a mg -. Examples are zinc, iodine, copper, manganese, selenium, verses other minerals that are needed in larger amounts such as magnesium, calcium, potassium.
We need these trace minerals for making enzymes which are proteins that do the work of the body – they are not just for digestion but for the biochemistry of the body – such as making cells and repairing DNA, making and converting hormones. They are the cofactors that these pathways DEPEND on. Zinc is involved with over 300 enzymes, testosterone production, detoxifying chemicals, building immune weaponry to kill off pathogens, breaking down alcohol etc. It is deficient in so many of us for many reason, one being the amount of phytic acids which is in grains (cereals, crackers and bread), which prevents the absorption of zinc. Iron is the number 1 deficiency of the world and is needed in 6.5% of all enzymes in ever cell in our body. it also detoxes hydrogen peroxide, to carry oxygen through the blood, to make collagen etc. Selenium converts the inactive form of the thyroid hormone to the active form. Glutathione is dependant on selenium which is the main buffer of our toxins and chemicals etc.
So why am I focusing on this? There are many reasons why it is important to connect with how your trace minerals are functioning int he body, one being that we are not putting these back in the soils, another is we are struggling with stress and fatigue and not creating our hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes to absorb the trace minerals, another is simply put, we have sucky diets…
I could go over some common signs of these deficiencies but you can google that for yourself, I would rather focus on what happens when they are imbalanced. Here are a few examples: Low copper will leave us open to consistent bacterial infections, Selenium deficiency can cause infertility. Manganese can impact bone growth and make fat and sugar metabolism difficult, Iron can be displaced really easily and becomes neomorphic (it will go and be put in other tissues and not be utilised), we then have our bloods come back iron deficient but when we go in with iron infusions, we become iron toxic.
In the clinic, I have been employing the use of HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) for over a decade to assist alongside homeopathic support, including tissue salt regulation. This helps us understand what is happening in the body with ALL our elements, including the trace elements, toxic elements (such as mercury, lead, arsnic) and additional elements (such as when vanadium is creeping up in the chart and the manganese and chromium are out of balance I know you are struggling with insulin difficulties). Each element has other elements that it works synergistically with and antagonistically with (such as copper and zinc being besties, which means if one is out of whack if affects the other by pushing it up and making it overactive).
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