The ‘Toe In’ chakra Immersion

You have formally been invited to the 7 week ‘Toe in’ chakra Immersion.

What does this mean?

This ‘Toe in’ is for those desiring to understand just what the chakras are but not just from a ‘basic information’ perspective that you can get by googling.
When we work with the chakra system as a concept and belief incorporating their meanings on a physical, mental and spiritual level, we cover just about every ‘less than love’ vibration you can imagine. This is a doorway into ‘knowing thyself’ with Chakras.
Our expressions in the physical, mental and emotional layers of our being, express pain, fear and stressful issues in very interesting ways – through our own individual lenses. We call this the ‘split of the soul’ between ego and love.
The difference between exploring your ego, patterns, expressions, emotions, reactions etc etc through the chakras is that this approach allows you to confront these issues in a way in which is empowering as it is teaching you how to heal yourself!
The more we become aware, the more we realise the clarity of the two paths before us – the more we recognise ‘The choice’ in everyday life. The more we move into service of the light.
The 7 week immersion chakra comes with a variety of tools and activations (intricately placed by none other than me – well let’s face it, I can’t take accountability for this, it was a divine download), to allow you to become fully proactive in your exploration through the chakras.
You carry on with life, much like you are now, whilst being the intent observer of what you experience in this time. Life events continue to happen however, it is most intriguing when they happen in a specific chakra. Likewise with physical expressions and which chakra they appear in.
The Toe in is like a fast-tracked snippet of the 7 months – just enough to open you up and leave you to process until you feel ready to dive into a 7 month explosion!
So the bottom line is that there are 2 ways we explore them:
1. Through learning about each chakra, the themes, the expressions, what an over extended and underextended expression is, what mantras, inner states, senses, symbols, elements etc relate to each chakra
2. Through observing how you feel, what becomes activated and what experiences you have when you decide to proactively spend time in observation around one

How is this 7 weeks orchestrated?
Week 1 – We go over in great depth what chakras are, why they are important and how we are going to explore them as well as diving straight into the base chakra.
This is done through an intricately designed portal you access through my website and is a mixture of audios and written content to help you get clear on what you are being asked to observe and the basis of each chakra – Martine Style.
Then we move through each chakra weekly.
Week 2, 5 and 8 you and I have a 1:1 which allow us to dive deep into what is being raised, how its being raised and elicit some patterns and beliefs you may not be aware of.
If you sign up in June (Launch month, you have 1 extra 1:1 included)
You are to receive 7 Crystals (one for each chakra)- if you do not know me from a bar of soap, crystals are my jam. I love to hang with crystals and adore the ability to hand pick which crystals we get to take on our journey with us. This is also a super cool way of observing how specific crystals can help you both feel supported in each chakra and elicit imbalances that you are ready to observe and transcend.
7 chakra homeopathic remedies included in our ‘Toe in’ to give you a big opening into the chakras. You will take one a week for the full 7 days.
I have designed a sacred chakra elixir spray to be supportive during the times you are feeling overwhelmed by what you may be experiencing and feeling throughout the 7 weeks, this will be individual to you.
Journal – You also all receive a journal so that the 7 weeks we spend in complete observation around these chakras and their reflections back to us, you can write all these interesting things down! I find writing them down, even if you never read them again, helps solidify them as an understanding, giving us a greater ability to see the truth.
Meditations – each chakra comes with a pre-recorded activation meditation
All the crystals, journal, essence, elixirs etc will be sent to you in advance of the course date
To dine in is the base chakra launch pad of $777 which realistiacally broken down is a mere fraction of the course value – $660 in 1:1s, Over $330 in Crystals, remedies and elixirs and I can’t really put a price on the content, meditations and me in audio can I?
You can complete 1 or 2 payments but must be finalised before you kick off.
If you have made it this far down the page, I can only assume you are intrigued. I am happy to arrange a time to catch up and see if this is really for you.

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