‘Hold The Space’ Energetic Workshops are back!

Yes, we have just finished the first ‘Hold your Space’ energetic workshop for 2022. I am super excited to announce the second workshop this December with a virtual workshop in the works.

So many of you ask me ‘how do I change Martine’. We’ll a simple truth is aligning to your highest vibration EVERYDAY! You cannot get away with not putting in the work now. This workshop is about those skills so that you are walking in the high test light, in your heart centre. In truth. THEN, from this place we sprinkle this magic fairy dust on all around us! Imaging if you see someone having a bad day and all you need do is walk by them so your aura touches theirs. They feel this vibration and naturally raise up. You have literally just taught them how to heal themselves through aligning to the higher frequencies.

This workshop is a natural evolution from the original ‘Hold your Space’ workshops that lead in to ‘Friday Night Healing Lights’ and have run for over 3 years now.

No matter your level of understanding relative to energy, these nights will allow you a deeper connection to both yourself and everything around you.

 The outcome being to gain greater awareness though:

  • Knowing and feeling your own truth and loving guidance
  • Learning just what it takes to hold this within you
  • How you can be of service to those around you by holding space
  • What Holding space actually means

We journey through vibration, energy, chakras, auras, sacred geometry, room clearing, crystals, crystal grids, hands on healing, touch activation and many more with simple methods taught such as:

  • Hand/touch activation – opening the hand chakras
  • Etheric medicine – through the energy system – both ours and others, this includes auras, chakra points and other main energy centres
  • Psychometry
  • Room Clearing and healing
  • Disconnecting and chord cutting and many more

How we sit in these spaces is through discussion, practical observations and etheric work;

  • through our energy and intention opening our senses to both feel and intend healing
  • observing people, objects, places with our other senses

Once graduated, you will be able to attend regular monthly healing workshops with other previous graduates, where you can develop your skills, learn new ones and continue to give and receive healings in a supported environment.

When: 2nd and 16th of December

Time: 6pm -9pm
Where: Coffs Harbour Live

Exchange: $410 the whole workshop

What to Bring: A Notebook and pen, a crystal that resonates with you at the time, a pillow and blanket or towel, drink bottle and of course and open mind, open spirit!
If this resonates with you, please book by either emailing [email protected], texting or calling 0404 237 087. Please note places will be limited due to the current ‘energies’ and once booked your place

Please email [email protected] to book



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