Time to Get Ready for Winter

Time to get ready for Winter!

The summer days are slowly beginning to fade, in a couple of weeks, the days will be shorter, nights cooler as we feel a new season upon us.

It is time to get our immune systems ready for winter. How can we do this you ask?

Well, you have already started by getting some good Vitamin D stores from the summer sun, consuming all the fabulous summer fruits and vegetables and by now, you should have eradicated the remanence of last years viruses that can often take a blood cycle (3 months) to go (hence why in the later stages of winter you can get virus after virus). If you have an elderberry plant, and saw my post last month on making cordial, taking a teaspoon a day helps build the immune system and fight anything that enters the body.

In homeopathy, we call proactive health ‘convalescence’ which is essentially seeking
constitutional’ treatment based on any complaints – physical, emotional or mental as well as considering any past health and genetic health understanding.

The holidays are soon upon us, perhaps take the time to bring the troops in for a check up, fine tune or energetic healing.

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