How you going my awesome highschoolers? 2018 Year 7 High School flow Meditation

This is a shout out to all 2018 year 7’s.

How are you going?

What has high school been like so far?

How do you feel you are fitting in?

What are the worries you bring home with you each day?

Have you have been freaking out some days and on a love train other days?

Join me on Saturday the 17th of March for the ultimate ‘check in’ where you can connect with other year 7s, release some of the pressures you have been feeling in the first part of high school and learn some awesome energetic healing techniques to keep you grounded and out of you worries moving into the rest of the year.

We will:
Share some of the main experiences, concerns and surprises
Check in with how this has been affecting us on both a physical and emotional level
Learn some great energetic techniques to both ground and support you
Learn a few simple meditations to both calm and connect you.
Where: One Conscious Breath Yoga Studio – Shop 22, City Boulevard Arcade, 21 -23 Vernon St, Coffs Harbour, NSW

When: Saturday the 17th of March 10:30am until 12pm

Price: 35per year 7

What to Bring: Your lovely selves and perhaps your drink bottle

The lovely Giselle will be there to assist the team with anything they need during the workshop and to escort to the bathroom across the hall if necessary. Thank you Giselle, I could not hold these spaces with out you.

So if this resonates with you, please book by either emailing [email protected], texting or calling 0404 237 087 or clicking here and leaving a message:

Places will be limited.

I look forward to connecting with lots of old and new faces!


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