Homeopathy and Menopause

What is your belief structure around menopause?

Is it meant to be a difficult time?

Does it change who you are? Do you feel less of a woman? What limiting beliefs to you put upon yourself about this time of life whether or not you are near it or not?

The word Crone is derived from the old word for crown, suggesting the wisdom that emanates from the head like a halo. Her own child bearing days are past, she is the wisdom keeper, seer, healer and midwife, whose knowledge is sought out to guide others during life’s hardships and transitions.

So why has this transition become known as ‘dark’?

Could it be that this time of one’s life also equates to when we truly step back into our power? The masculine and feminine united? In the middle ages, Crone woman were often accused of witchery and killed for the wisdom they were willing to stand in their power and speak.

Could the menopause symptoms we experience be directly correlated to the imbalance within us?

Do you know anyone who has gone through menopause

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