Kids Meditation and Energy Workshop

Hello Everyone,

As 2017 draws a close, I hope you can all reflect on the amazing growth you have all had and find gratitude in the lessons this year has provided.

The journey continues in 2018 in the land of energetics and Homeopathy – there will be more workshops this year, giving you the opportunity to become self empowered through tools and self awareness. 

To kick start, there will be two kids workshops being held on the 20th of January teaching the art of awareness, boundaries, energy and meditation to your little ones.

Awareness of the self:
learning how to see what patterns of reaction and expression you have
learning what your energy feels like
learning when you need your own space
learning what another energy impacting yours may feel like
What is energy
how can you use it to benefit you and all around you
energy balls to rejuvenate and heal 
to ground and connect
what does it feel like to meditate
how you can use this tool to help you
As you can imagine, these are such important life skills to learn and can allow you to see life from another angle once equipped with these tools.

Date: Saturday the 20th of January 2018
Time: 2pm- 3pm 4-7 years and 3:15pm – 4:15pm 8-12 years           Investment: $30pp
Location:  One Conscious Breath Yoga Studio: Shop 22 City Boulevard 21-23 Vernon Street, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Please book by email [email protected] or phone: 0404 237 087 or by going to my website comments – 

There will be a part 2 midway through term 1 to help expand on this knowledge.

Please be advised that parents are free to stay however, additionally to myself, Giselle Pitt will be joining the events to help kids for your child’s assistance and if need be help to the bathroom which is across the hall at the yoga studio.

A special ‘year 7’ workshop will be held to help those transitioning into high school next year as well. Dates to be advised however, please express your interest. 

Friday the 19th marks another energetic healing workshop night, anyone who did not attend the previous workshops but is feeling compelled to be there, please get in touch.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, it is always such a pleasure being part of your journey and I am eternally grateful and blessed for being part of all your lives. 

2 comments on “Kids Meditation and Energy Workshop

  1. Hello my friend
    Hppy Christmas time!!! Hope your day was filled with fun of wrapping paper shreds and much excited putting together of toys to happily while the afternoon away with!!
    I think i forgot to email you when you sent this message about the coming kids workshop….. please can you book in x3 to your sessions. Nicholas in the 2pm and Alice and Hannah in the 3.15pm. Awesome!!
    May you be enjoying a few days beaching together and a whole lot of action out the back!!
    See you at the yoga studio if not sooner xxx much love xxx McKeon’s big and small ❤️💚🤗

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