Kids Tuesday

New to the clinic is ‘Kids Tuesday!’

Every Tuesday from 9-1pm starting October 1 2016 all kids consults are half price during this time. All Remedies are $10 each (this does not include supplements or other products).

Kids are ever changing and can do with support both in physical developmental milestones and emotional/mental ones. Remedies not only help with the physical symptoms but also work on the emotions so as to create inner strength where the child no longer feels clingy or whingy or can process their anger in a healthier way instead of striking out or sobbing profusely.

Babies and infants can be assisted with the development of their GIT, teething, developmental milestones, settling and any physical illnesses that arise both from contracting acutely and acquiring through their genetic lineage.

Naturally toddlers are the exception here however, when supported with homeopathics, can have the assertions they are developing nurtured, giving them the space to process things a little more. Through this you often notice more compliance, more ability to hear you during times where they are feeling pushed, a decrease in length and frequency of tantrums and a better ability to understand what they truly need – which generally is simply a good long squeeze and cuddle.

Older kids may be affected by school or making friends, bullying or by starting to realise their individual characteristics. They can express this in the same ways we do such as anger, sadness, becoming mischievous and withdrawing to name a few. Homeopathy can both help understand what is going on and help support them through this time, shifting the energy that keeps them in this space.

Childhood illnesses that are both acute and constitutional are all supported with the use of specifically prescribed homeopathics. Ailments can be from ear problems, eczema, colds and flus to digestive, allergies and asthma. Nightmares, bed wetting, sensory sensitivities and little idiosyncrasies are manners in which imbalances are expressed so can all be alleviated with the use of Homeopathy.

Please call the clinic on 0404 237 087 to book

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