Winter Proof Your Family

As the nights begin to have a cool tinge to them, we said ‘goodbye’ to daylight saving for a few months this past weekend. Although the ocean is still like bath water, and the days are filled with sunny warmth, autumn as we know it, has begun here in Coffs Harbour.

Now is the time to prep those bodies, minds and souls for the cosy nights in and the sneezing family member that makes us spray eucalyptus oil in their wake.

Each year, the flu’s tend to get a little more intense with new virus strains mutating and developing . We are all susceptible and more so when there are little ones in our homes busy developing their immune systems. Apparently it’s also a good time for us to continue the development of our immune systems!

So let’s talk about winter proofing your family so you can stick to sharing love, not colds and flu!

As the afternoons become darker, we begin to make more nourishing and wholesome foods as we prepare for the winter nurture. So why are we more prone to becoming sick in winter? Well yes, our little friend ‘Vit D’ is not as high in abundance, but with all this knitting and lamb shanks, why are we not immune to the flu? There are many reasons, one big one is that there are many people who are not looking after themselves regularly and becoming immunocompromised and sharing the love, our bodies have to work harder when we are cold to keep us warm and thus require energy that if we don;t have can make us immunocompromised, our stress can cause us to have adrenal fatigue and mean that our bodies are weakened once more….the bottom line is, we are human and have rough weeks where life seems to be leading us down some rather challenging directions – this is the week that you go to the supermarket and catch the cold off the shopping trolley handle – ewwww.

So what can we do?

A good constitutional overall – otherwise known as ‘proactive health care’ is a great start. I was just saying today to another practitioner that I love to treat someone to the point where we have resolved their complaints and then unpacked a few patterns so the body is in what I call ‘arrears’ and able to pounce on whatever comes its way through the memory of its own healing mechanisms that were kick started with the constitutional remedy.

Alternatively or in addition to constitutional care, you can equip your family with a homeopathic first aid kit to get you through the stages of a cold and flu. Snotty noses, sore throats, coughs, headaches and fatigue can all be helped with the help of the right remedy. As one client says to his wife – ‘quick, get the little magic white pills!’

Here are a few good cold and flu homeopathics:

Anas Barb
Flu and Cold preventative: Taken Fortnightly or monthly depending on susceptibility to cold and flus or as a ward against flu on plane trips or heavily populated areas. Dose a few hours before plane and every 3-4 hours on the plane.
If someone sneezes on you or you have been exposed to someone with a cold/flu – take a dose then too.

Aconite is the first medicine to consider in the early stages of any acute illness that comes on suddenly. It should be given in the first 24-48 hours. Symptoms are sudden, violently acute and unbearable. They can be likened to a sudden violent storm. Complaints come on from a fright, shock or getting chilled by cold dry weather.
Anxiety, fear, screaming with pain, shock, fever, earache, croup, panicked and violent cough.
Keep near you at all times for the first stage of a cold – dose every time you feel the symptoms worsen.

Classic flu symptoms, aches and pains. Drowsy and flat feeling, heaviness and listless. Symptoms come on after shock or bad news. your eyes are droopy, your hunching your back and walking around feeling very sorry for yourself

When your nose starts to drip like a tap. Your throat burns and your mouth is dry and you just want to keep drinking (sounds lovely doesn’t it!).

Hepar Sulph
For those later stages when your cough is noisy, and loose and you are coughing up yellow and green slime (awesome).

When it hits those sinuses and you just can;t blow the stringy snot out no matter how many tissues you have (used this one last year but suffered for two days until I remembered that I can treat myself!)

Zinc and vit C are an old faithful of mine. Next time you are in the clinic ask for a zinc test so we can check your levels. I had a 4 year old not very impressed with me last week when I asked her to gargle something that tasted horrible – needless to say that her zinc levels were just fine (the worse it tastes the more zinc you have in your body).

In the meantime, let’s leave the wintering to those who choose to live more south and keep swimming, surfing and lapping up the rays or warmth – I love you Coffs Harbour – best move ever!


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