Onion Layers

Watching a case unravel before my eyes is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job. We are all so complex living each day with a mixture of genetic predispositions, environmental influences, past patterns of emotions and current triggers for all three.

Is it possible to be in perfect health?

I would rather pose the question – ‘What is perfect health?’

Perfect health to me is living within the balance of ones own homeostasis, that is, a place of no reaction – physically, emotionally and mentally. However, it is also my understanding that it is human to er and grow and therefore, it is only natural to eb and flow in and out of this place of peace. We are not always aware that the hardships we are presented within life often turn out to be our greatest gifts and the events which lead us back to our true selves.

This is where the onion comes in. We all have layers to peel off to reach the goal of homeostasis (otherwise known as enlightenment). Just when you think you have resolved an issue, another layer of it may appear to remind you of another aspect of this issue/quality of self that may need attention. Sometimes this can feel a little like we are reverting back to a way in which we thought we had resolved, but you will soon realise, this layer is not the same. It is softer, not as confronting and easier to move through.

This is what I mean when I refer to unraveling a case.

Onion layers often have the same remedy attached to them or need a miasm to unlock further. The result pushing you further into the centre of your being, into the truth of who you really are.

This is what excites me. With this consciousness, only love can exist as we learn to take responsibility for our own journey and learn to thank others for triggering a new layer to emerge. When someone aggravates and pushed your buttons, close your eyes for a minute and listen to your own inner voice. What hurts in you, where did this pain come from and how can you let it go?

Karmic bonds also play roles in these wonderful relationships that trigger us to grow. This topic I shall save for another day.

Featured Photo: FreeImages.com/Carlos Sillero

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