Coughs in Coffs

What is it about a cough that lingers? Why do we cough a bit more in Coffs? These are questions I am still hypothesising about however in short, we are both coastal and rain forest fauna and we tend to be a bit wetter due to our sub-tropical locality which can make things a little more damp or prone to mould spures. I’m not pointing the finger entirely to environmental factors, constitutional susceptibilities as always, continue to play a role.

When I first moved into my house, I noticed a cough develop. I was intending all along to paint the beams and ceiling as soon as possible but on closer look, I did notice mold growing happily in many places. My painter cleaned every beam, and surface with clove oil – 1/2 tsp per litre of water – and I have not had a problem since – bless my painter John from Sapphire for yielding to my ‘hippy’ wishes. My cough went almost instantly.

When coughs linger however, there is something deeper going on. Now this could be because you have been living with mold for a long time and therefore weakened your lungs, but it can also be because you simply have a susceptibility to develop upper respiratory infections – just like others have susceptibilities to eczema or Hayfever.

I rarely treat a cough without looking further into a person to discover their overall susceptibilities. Often it is linked emotionally to grief and when we unlock this grief, the cough will either lesson or change.

What about babies and croup I hear you ask, what have they got to grieve? Well, they carry a genetic pool of both parents and physical genes are not the only part to be carried through. Mum’s and bubs are very much interlinked and as you may have heard me say before, I will always look at what is going on for themother when I am treating the child. Sometimes I give remedies to both mum and bub, other times it is just enough to treat the mum and the bubs picture changes.

Lets talk remedies – there are many ways to alleviate a cough without jumping straight to conventional methods:

Aconite is still one of my favourite remedies in my dispensary as it is such a great tool for the onset of any acute illness. The cough comes on suddenly and is often dry, usually it comes on after a dry, cold wind (like after standing at the oval, cheering your child on for his/her soccar game at the start of the winter chill). It is also a great croup remedy for the absolute start of it, before it has become a bark. The child has intense fear and anxiety – which is why this remedy is also our ‘panic attack’ remedy. I like to dose every 15 minutes on a 30c or 6c.

Hepar sulph is also one of my favourite remedies for its loose, noisy, barking cough. Often there is a yellowy-green sputum and the throat is ‘needle like’ sore. Hepar sulph is also our ‘cleaning up’ remedy, it cleans up croup (after the bark phase) and ear infections, cold sores and suppuration’s.

Spongia is for the dry, rasping cough when you sound like a seal from the pet porpoise pool. It’s when the croup has gone to stage two (after the aconite) that this remedy prove’s it’s worth. You often feel that suffocated feeling and can wake panicking for breath.

There are many other great cough remedies that time and time again prove to me the efficacy of homeopathy. Call me bias, maybe it’s time for some testimonials.

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