Ear Infections and Acute Otitis Media

As parents, dealing with ear complaint in children can be scary and nerve wrecking. We often panic, wondering:

* what we are doing to their little ears

* how long can we leave it before it becomes too serious

* will their ear drums burst?

* Should I get the antibiotics

First time mums in my clinic dealing with ear complaints all have similar fears. The good news is, homeopathic treatment can be unbelievably rapid and gentle. When a child is in acute pain, the proper remedy provides relief in a few minutes to an hour and often only in a few seconds.

Like all symptoms, they are individualised and present differently from person to person:

* some start in the left ear, others in the right

* some come on after a cold or tonsillitis, others after a fever

* Some children can’t handle you touching their ears, other bore their fingers deep into their ears

The important factors remain in the treatment of homeopathic’s, the sooner you identify the symptoms, the sooner we can prescribe a remedy that will alleviate stop the symptoms from getting worse.

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