What is a Healthy Weight?

Weight is such an interesting topic as we are all conscious of our bodies and its ability to fluctuate in weight from time to time. Over the years you learn to identify key times in your life when you loose or gain weight. These influences can be both emotional and social, for instance, we have just come out the festive season and during this time it is natural to over indulge. Winter is also a period of time when we tend to eat heavier foods and can be prone to putting on winter bellies. The subtle changes during these times are normal and as long as you are feeling good within yourself, I consider them to be healthy.

Emotional changes that affect your body weight can be different. Some people over eat as an emotional coping mechanism, hoping to fill themselves up with whatever they feel they are missing within their lives. This can usually be a direct collation to the emotion ‘love’, as everything always stems back in someway, shape or form. Others don’t eat enough as they are constantly anxious, they could be concerned about their weight, relationships, work stress or simply be have an ‘existential crisis’ (my code for when emotions come up from no where ready to be dealt with) of some degree – again, I usually relate this to the emotion ‘love’.

Yes, we are all different in our body types and genetic make-up however, overweight and underweight people in my clinical experience tend to have an emotional story behind the scenes. How you feel about yourself on the inside can’t help but be reflected on the outside. In homeopathy, we can see faces change shape when mind sets change, moving you into another aspect of yourself. Weight gain can often be a shield you put around your self to protect your self emotionally from the hurt and pain you feel. Weight loss can be often a self loathing, a feeling and sensation that you are not good enough as you are, that you are not complete.

When I treat patients who come to see me regarding their weight, it is such a beautiful journey we get to experience together as it is the journey back to the self, back to loving yourself, knowing yourself and being confident in however that needs to be expressed.

When we become of healthy mind and spirit, the weight sheds, you may find you put on muscle or shape to express that healthiness on the outside. Your healthy mind steers you towards nourishing yourself in every way, so you tend to choose healthier foods and take up exercising or quit/moderate the things that cause you harm.

Homeopathy is deeper than choosing one topic – weight loss – and working on that. More and more, we are beginning to understand the need for ‘holistic health care’ disease does not effect us systemically, if you have a urinary tract infection, you don’t just have it because you are naturally susceptible to them, you have it because you are immunocompromised – what has caused you to become immunocompromised? Long working hours, difficult relationship? Not eating well because you are working long hours to avoid your difficult relationship? Everything is interlinked.

Pain is our bodies way of letting us know something is amiss, emotional pain is exactly the same! We have been taught to both take a panadol for the physical pain and ‘go to bed and wake up to ourselves’ for the emotional so you can understand why then, weight has become such a prevalent issue in our society of ‘supress’ and ‘suck up’.

So the next time you look in the mirror and scoff your nose at the reflection staring back at you, look deeper at the spirit within, send yourself some love, be gentle and kind and know that you are just hurting today and choose instead to reach out to someone that day and ask for help – whether it is an ear to listen, a healing of some kind, know that these emotions are better out than in.

We are all perfect exactly as we are – learning the lessons of life at our own pace.


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