Study: Homeopathy for Depression

Study: Homeopathy for Depression
In this study, patients treated with homeopathy for moderate to severe depression progressed just as well as those treated with a standard anti-depressant.  Twenty different medicines were used to treat the 48 patients, depending on their presenting symptoms.
It is important to remember that homeopathic treatment is prescribed on an individual basis and therefore does not mean someone with depression should be self-selecting from the remedies used.
Scientific research is one way of validating the effectiveness of a method or substance against a particular ailment or disease. Homeopathic research is really coming into the lime light in order to both be understood and prove the efficacy of its use. We also use over 200 years of traditional evidence to support our practices and can thus provide well rounded examples of how our remedies are used and achieve results.

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If you would like to use homeopathy in the treatment of depression, please see a qualified homeopath for an appropriate prescription, management and liaison with other healthcare professionals.

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