Anxiety is not something to be taken lightly. According to beyond blue, People who have generalised anxiety disorder feel anxious on most days for at least six months. Generally, they worry about real issues such as finances, illness or family problems to the point where it can affect their everyday lives. At times their worry is so great they:

• feel edgy/restless
• feel tired
• have difficulty concentrating
• develop muscle tension (sore back, neck or jaw, headache)
• find it hard to fall/stay asleep.

You will be hard pressed finding someone to which anxiety has not governed a part or aspect of their life at some point. We have built lives that are rich and decadent; two income families are the norm. We raise our children whilst running businesses, studying, take care of the house and have outside hobbies and interest, paying mortgages, bills etc. When is our down time? When do we stop and relax anymore?

Anxiety is often a feeling that you don’t realise has become a big sensation in your being until it makes you stop. You wake up one morning, so overwhelmed you cannot move. You cry upon spilling that glass of milk. Your cranky at everyone and everything.

There are often accompanying physical symptoms associated with Anxiety such as digestive complaints, headaches, skin rashes or flare ups, muscular pains and aches and teeth grinding to name a few.

It is not always possible to drag ourselves out of the level in which we have let our anxieties consume us. Individual homeopathic care can help you feel supported and guide you through the roughness, so that you can come out the other side and realise what you need to do to make for a smoother future. I always liken being on a homeopathic to sailing on course, it acts as the automatic pilot, steering you towards the direction of your dreams.

If you would like more information on how homeopathy can help you overcome your anxieties contact me.


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