Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a highly diagnosed condition many Australian children are given today. It is grouped into the group labelled ‘behavioural disorders’, which include Autism, dyslexia and learning difficulties however, to me they are far from ‘dis-orders’.

There are many beliefs into what causes such behavioural disorders. Claims can reach from IBS and Bowel dysfunction, to vaccinations and genetics.

My beliefs incorporate all these hypotheses and definitely vary from child to child. Some children are born with ‘their notches turned up’ hyperactive from the minute they enter the world. Others can be identified with becoming more hyperactive after a particular fever, illness or vaccine. What is of more relevance to me is how different each child is. There may be some common threads throughout ADHD children however, as we are all different, they still present their set of symptoms in a unique way.

Some children can be slow in learning, be very quiet and make mistakes in speaking or writing. They may also suffer violent temper tantrums where they kick, bite and stamp their feet in anger.

Other children might eat bugs and dirt, be constantly on the go, climbing, running, jumping. They may be mischievous, feign sickness to get attention, fidget all the time.

These are two different set of symptoms for the same named behavioural disorder.

ADHD children usually have a lot of eating difficulties, you may find it hard to get them to eat anything but what they want, some can be lazy in eating, others can crave sugary foods. A lot of the time there are allergies, especially to dairy products.

There are a number of homeopathics that can help with ADHD, or hyperactive children in general. Again, it is a narrowing of symptoms by analysing the individual traits of the child. Homeopaths have to ask a lot of questions to help reveal the remedy that is most likely to help.

Results can range in time, some cases unfold immediately, others need a few remedies to help unlock the constitution a little before a deep acting remedy can get in there ‘turn the notches down’.

The aim of treatment is not to change the child’s personality or natural traits, it is aimed at reducing the intensity of symptoms so that the child can function at a range where they can socialise, learn, interact and listen. Their improved sleeping habits are usually a blessed change for the parents alone.

And whilst I am talking of the parents – please know that you are all doing great jobs at raising your children, ADHD is extremely challenging and requires so much patience and understanding so well done!

If you require any further information, please contact me.



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