Skin Conditions

Skin conditions are common among everyone. We have all, at some stage had some kind of reaction on our skin. Whether it is acne, warts, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, heat rash or sunburn. Homeopathics are a great way to treat these manifestations as they do not supress the ailment.

What do I mean suppress?
When we treat something on the skin with radical methods such as corterization, corticosteroids or harsh chemicals like the ones in many acne treatment, we are not actually ‘curing’ the ailment, but pushing it back into the body.

What does the body do with this?
The body still holds onto the weakness within that caused the presentation of these symptoms to begin. These symptoms will either reappear at a later stage or perhaps appear as a different illness.

Eczema and asthma are very closely interlinked. Often people who have been treated conventionally for eczema, will later develop asthma.

The body is a team. No part of the body is without connection in some way to the rest. Therefore physical symptoms are also related to emotional symptoms. Treating these as a whole is the best way to eradicate the illness from the start.

Homeopathics can help such skin conditions as mentioned earlier. Ailments such as fungal infections, sunburn and heat rash can be treated using an acute prescription. Each manifestation will be slightly different to the next but the main remedies for these ailments include:

  • Fungal infections such as tinea – Sepia, Graphites, sulph
  • Ringworm – Dulcamara, calc carb
  • Sunburn – Apis, Belladonna, Urtica urens
  • Heat rash (hives, nettle rash) – Apis, Belladonna, Nat mur, Rhus-tox
  • Slap face – Belladonna, Rhus tox

More complicated ailments such as eczema, warts and acne are best treated individually so that all your symptoms can be included. Your warts are more likely to go away if I can understand other physical symptoms that you may have, alongside emotional symptoms such as the way you are feeling towards yourself and others at the present moment.

Family history will always play an important role in your suceptability to different skin conditions. The important ‘take home’ message is that you do not supress the ailment. Remember the skin is the largest organ, look after it, it is our protection, our barrier and maifestations are our greatest clues to what is happening on the ‘less visual’ inside.

If you would like any further information or have any question please feel free to contact me.

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