Pack Your Bags!

Feel like packing your bags and running away to an exotic place? Why not finally take that trip to India, Morocco, Sri Lanka. Just don’t leave home without your homeopathic kit.

Arsenicum is a favourite little travel remedy as it can help you adjust to the culture shock and any anxiety or fears that may creep up when you hit that remote location or bustling city. It’s also a fantastic remedy to use when you have a dose of vomiting and diarrhoea from spoilt food. Characteristic pains are burning.

Cocculus is a great jet lag remedy so you don’t have to waste any time recovering from your flight. Additionally, it is a great sea sickness remedy, so jump on the boat  that takes you to an even more remote island, or finally learn how to dive without getting nauseas.

Arnica. Don’t forget your trusty recovery aid! After that long hike or a full day out on the waves, be prepared to get out there and do it all again tomorrow.

Ledum is the great insect bite remedy for those occassions where you have been a little too loved by mosquito’s or sandflies. Remedies are also available to start taking prior to travelling to help prevent maleria and other related illnesses.

These are just a few remedies to help you live it up without cares and worries. Make an appointment to help tailor make a kit for you and your families needs.

Have a great trip!

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