Aconite Proving

Many walks of life enter my practice. I feel extremely blessed each day to be offering the small but effective benefits of homeopathy into the daily lives of many.

Aconite has been one of those remedies that has come in very handy for me to prescribe to people who suffer a sudden sense of fealing overwhelmed by their circumstance.

I have found it useful in combination with my constitutional prescribing as a way to help with the scute panic or stress.

This is a fabulous account of an Aconite proving which will give you insight into the ways in which this remedy can be used.

Provings are the ‘homeopathic’ way of understanding the qualities of a remedy. As explained in the ‘about homeopathy’ section of this website, Provings are one of the ways in which homeopathic research can be validated.

Click on the below link to check out the proving:


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