The majority of the pregnant women I have known have expressed the desire to give birth naturally (e.g. no drugs or interventions).

However, I have found in today’s society, a lack of enough support, education and encouragement to help women achieve the natural birth they hope for.

The combined efforts of a midwife, homeopathic practitioner and partner/ family can provide the support and advice for you to have a healthy child birth.

Of course, prompt medical care is needed in high-risk situations for the health of both mother and baby, in many cases the key to avoiding such problems comes in the form of good preparation.

Homeopathic medicines can help with bruise and tear prevention, muscle tone, re-positioning of the foetus and anxiety before birth. During labour, problems such as cervix rigidity and limited dilation, pain management, retained placenta and heavy bleeding can be addressed. After the birth, Homeopathy is very effective in cases of prolapse, infection and wound healing. Homeopathic medicines help facilitate the delivery process. They can prevent problems during labour, decrease delivery time and increase pain threshold, all leading to a more satisfying childbirth experience.

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