Homeopathy is safe and effective treatment for your baby. The medicine can either be given orally to the bub or by the mother through her breast milk. Many mothers I speak to are concerned to put any chemicals or drugs such as panadol to their new little ones. Additionally, most medicines, including other natural medicines are difficult to administer.

In my clinic, I administer homeopathics in a brandy and water solution in a little dropper bottle.

Common ailments in my clinic include;

o Colic
o Coughs
o Colds
o Distress
o Fever
o Teething
o Nappy rash
o Earaches
o Croup
o Birth trauma
o Refusing milk
o Vomiting milk
o Developmental milestones

It can be tricky to distinguish what’s going on with your bub. Babies can also move through symptoms very fast for instance, fevers can rise within minutes.¬†Learning simple first aid remedies can be invaluable at this stage of development.


Colic can show signs in two main ways:

1. Babies that are inclined to draw their knees up, twisting and writhing in your arms. Common remedy: Colocynthis
2. Those babies who arch backwards from the pain. Common remedy: Belladonna

Remedies do vary depending on the symptoms that accompany these two forms however; having these remedies on hand may be enough to get your baby out of discomfort for the night until you can call in for a quick consult. You may even resolve the colic all together.

Empowering parents and clients to use homeopathy at home is one of my passions. Talks are held frequently at the Magdala Cottage Holistic Energy centre (Paul can you link this). Alternatively, I am happy to offer talks in your home for groups above six (if you organise your mothers group or friends) for $20pp. Kits start at $50 for 6 remedies.


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